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Discussion in 'Misc. Knife Arts' started by Bob Hubbard, Jan 8, 2006.

  1. nash

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    Can you describe the different grips you are talking about here?
  2. Matt Lim

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    There is actually a knife grip similar to that of holding a pen???? Used for what, tattooing? Or driving in a thumb tack? There are only two ways of holding the knife, the one you hold primarily for thrusting and other one for ripping.
  3. Silence_sucks

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    hahah i tend to agree but hey if it works for some people then thats great and im glad it does, just for me switching from any grip to another other than sak sak to pakal or pakal to sak sak just is awkward and dangerous.
  4. monkey

    monkey -== Banned ==-

    sak sak

    Yes it is true only sak sak & pacal are the 2 grips!
    Egaor Sulite took the 2 & gave them the names that did not fit to tirsa!
    The pluma or pen grip is that of the pacal or ice pick!
    SakSak Edgor has another grip name!In the philippino tounge--
    there are many ways to say the same thing!
    Tirsa is not the only way!
    If you look at the early Gaji years--He had Eddie Jafri come in & add his style silat!
    Bujin Mateen who was the highest promoted at that time with Inosanto 2nd in comand!Was the one who tought Jafri the 4 steppining!
    Turhon McGrath will testify to that!
    Bujin was it!
    Any ways back to the Sak Sak--
    I have herd in some calling it a pistol grip or even hammer grip!
    This term dose not make 1 less effective!
    For it is the same grip!
    Much like arnis!
    Grandmaster Ernesto & Grandmaster Remy use to teach as brothers!
    When Remy said Ernesto could teach his own school it went threw many name changes & one was modern arnis!
    This did not lessen the art when changed to MONO y MONO or his
  5. oosh

    oosh Junior Member

    I'll just emphasise again, that (at least in KI) pluma grip will not be used in the context of a knife, more likely baston or longer blade. Pluma can be used whether in pakal or sak-sak, the stick will be held between forefinger and index (with straight fingers) - secured by the thumb and resting on arm.
  6. lhommedieu

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    John Chow

    I think that John Chow is in Melbourne. We corresponded a few years back and he shared some information with me about the Romo, Illustrisimo, and Canete families in Cebu before WWII. John teaches CMA as well as FMA.

    The link that I have for him is broken but you could probably contact him through Romy Macapagal:


    Steve Lamade​
  7. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Ah, I think I just saw this on one of the K.I. webpages that was recently posted--the baston in pluma. Yes, it's the third picture down here!
  8. Garymichael

    Garymichael New Member

    My first post! In his youth Cus D'amato accepted a challenge from a self-styled knife fighter and being a boxer, he chopped and whittled the wooden handle of an ice pick so it fit in his palm and taped it securely with the pick projected out from his closed fist. He stuck his left hand in his jacket and went to meet the guy in a deserted location. While waiting he warmed up with some shadow boxing. The knife fighter never showed up- or maybe saw what he was up against and turned tail. So might "taped" qualify as a variation on grip style? I know homeless people get gunned down by the police once in a while because they tape a knife to their hand and cant drop it when ordered. And it might be interesting trying to disarm someone with a blade ducktaped in hand.
  9. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I've heard this in the context of prisons, too--a knife taped to the hand. I guess that that is a different grip of a sort, even if it isn't taped into the "push dagger" style! Yes, disarms will be much, much harder to do.

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