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    Question, when buying aluminum sheets for making the trainers approximately how much does it end up costing? I'm still looking at making some up for myself but finding a decent place for buying the materials is a nightmare. Now i am wondering if when i finally get around to making them if it will be more worth it to knock up a few more and sell them to people at my class...
  2. Brian R. VanCise

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    There only sticky for awhile. After that it smooths out and is the best type of tape you can use. (I have been using this tape for over fifteen years and it certainly beats, electrical tape, duct tape, etc. hands down)
    The best thing about cloth hockey tape is that it absorbs moisture and does not slip. [​IMG]
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    Did you find a source for our aluminum?

    It's pretty expensive right now, the 6061 T6 alloy that I use for my aluminum trainers is running at nearly $19.00 (US) a square foot!

    It might be a good idea to have your class mates all chip in and have you make them for them, keeping a couple for your time and trouble of course...
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    I make Wooden swords

    First get a good piece of a hard wood semi flexible like mahogany. A good wooden sword can be made with a sword for pattern, drawn on the wood with marker, cut out with saber saw, edges planed down with a door plane, and rounded with a 4 in 1 wrasp. Sand, with the grain 1st with 80 grit then 100, last with 120 grit. Varnish with a foam brush, put on three coats. I have made them for my sons, presents for friends and for me to practice with. If you are really cheap or just do not have any blades to trace, down load the picture of the sword you like, enlarge it on copier till its you size, then cut it out and use it for pattern. You can then make wooden swords of ones you can not get trainers for. This will work for knives also
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    The very best woods for practice that involves weapon-on-weapon contact are hickory and Osage orange. There was an article years back in of all things Aikido Today on the impact strengths of various woods. To cut a long technical discussion short impact grade (gnarly, knotted,twisted grain) hickory had the best impact strength bar none. No other wood even came close. Regular hickory was second by a couple lengths. Osage orange was respectable third.

    The problem with a lot of the exotic hardwoods is that they're harder than a banker's heart. But they have a tendency to chip and shatter.
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    If anyone is still looking to purchase a wooden trainer please feel free to stop by or e-mail me at

    I carve some "different" kinds of things from some scary tough wood. I have some pics of me breaking a coconut and a concrete paver with them. =]
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    Seen on MT.

    A reminder not to use live blades in sparring practice:
    Man stabbed in mock sword fight

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    Nick Papadikis from Kombat Instruments LTD make a good aluminum Ginunting trainer. They run about 70 bucks. Also you can cut down and shape a wooden bokkin sword for cheap trainers.
    God Bless,
    Guru Stephen
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    I happen to sell training swords aka bokken, shinai, and wasters if you care to take a look follow the signature. They aren't the highest quality but they are surprisingly good for the price and if your not planning on attacking concrete warriors then they will hold up for a good amount of time.
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    I love playing with the bokken! The way it's weighted just makes one want to swing it.
  12. el maldito de cebu

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    there are many style of sword fighting from the traditional samurai of japan and swordsman of china. But if I were to be asked in the southeast asia region where I lived I would say in the IndoMalayo region in the south the traditional penchak got the golok in the northern part you have thailand cambodia and myanmar they had the thai chaiya which comprises also with swordmanship but when we talk about the phils. in the northern region which is Luzon they had the itak, in the visayas we have the sundang and penote equivalent to swordsmanship also but if we say mindanao they got the kris which have 5variation if I'am not mistaken with different length sizes and gripping position. if you are interested in FMA style maybe I can advice you if your not havibg problems to visit the phils. I can indorse you to master john mac for penote training but if you have problem travelling well you should look for a school of PTtersia or a school of master gaje' they are expert in all kind of metal weaponry FMA system. but if you are intereste in noerther asian system then try the japanese samurai or swordsmanship in china I think there are already some schools of kung fu weaponry present in your location. I dont know the price but in the phils. I think its cheaper plus you got the chance to look at the beatiful places in the phils. to name a few mactan shrine the birth place of Lapu-Lapu beleived to be the originator of kali and arnis in the visayas region

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