PR: Bob Hubbard to present the 2009 Tim Hartman Portrait

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    Bob Hubbard to present the 2009 Tim Hartman Portrait at the World Modern Arnis Alliance US Training Camp

    Buffalo NY July 3, 2009 – Respected photographer Bob Hubbard will be unveiling his 2009 portrait of world respected Filipino martial arts grandmaster Tim Hartman at this years World Modern Arnis Alliance US Training Camp, to be held July 16 through 19th, 2009 in West Seneca, NY (A suburb of Buffalo NY). Grandmaster Hartman's portrait is the latest addition to Mr. Hubbard's Martial Arts Master series of portraits, which include renowned masters such as Bando Grandmaster Dr. Maung Gyi, and Dekiti-Tirsia Siradas Grandmaster Jerson "Nene" Tortal Sr. Camp participants will be the first to see Mr. Hubbard's latest work, prints of which will be available for purchase at the event.

    About Bob Hubbard
    Bob Hubbard is a respected and well known photographer, who specializes in martial arts events and portrait photography. He is the owner of the MartialTalk and KenpoTalk internet martial arts communities, an admin at the FMATalk community, and president of SilverStar WebDesigns Inc, a web design and hosting company specializing in affordable and reliable solutions. Together he and his wife Susan own and operate Hubbard Photography in Buffalo NY.

    About Tim Hartman
    Tim Hartman a world recognized seminar instructor, was a long time personal student of the late Modern Arnis Founder Grandmaster Remy Presas. He was one of only 6 masters to be awarded the title of "Datu" or chieftain by Grandmaster Remy Presas, and was promoted to Grandmaster by Remy's brother Ernesto Presas, Kombatan Grandmaster and Founder. He is the current head of the World Modern Arnis Alliance, a leading Filipino martial arts organization.


    Bob Hubbard c/o Hubbard Photography.
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    Datu Tim Hartman c/o World Modern Arnis Alliance

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    I'll be there!

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