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Discussion in 'Misc. Stick Arts' started by Silat, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. Silat

    Silat New Member


    I would like to know why my post was erased!

    Tuhon Ray Dionaldo TOLD ME to put it on here and told me to say he said it was ok, which I did!

    What gives you the right to tell Ray what he can and cannot put on a forum about him!

    If you had any questions to the validity of the post you should have contacted Ray for confirmation before you deleted it!

    Eddie Ivester
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  3. The Boss

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    Mr. Ivester-

    I would like to address your post.

    It was not erased, just moved for the time being.

    Unfortunately Tuhon Ray is unaware of our advertising policies. With this being such a new forum not everyone knows the rules and regulations.

    FMATalk is the forum about Filipino martial arts and we allow Tuhon Ray to use a section of it. He was invited by Datu Hartman to help promote Filipino martial arts. ALL members of this forum are expected to follow the rules. This is obviously a misunderstanding.

    Unfortunately this is out of Tuhon Ray’s jurisdiction. Our policy on advertising is as follows:

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  4. Baddmojo

    Baddmojo New Member


    whoah...did I just walk into a riot(picking up the closest folding chair over right shoulder) Angle 1 this baby!!!!

    anyway, thank you for clearing things up boss that we know I'm sure there will not be anymore misunderstandings!

    Best Regards

    Anthony C

    PS It's good to see you again Eddie!
  5. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    This is a new board for us too! Please, we ask that you be forgiving as we get our procedures in order. We want a good experience for all of you! Silat, we regret this miscommunication. Thanks for asking for clarification.

    -FMATalk Admin
  6. Ray_Cole

    Ray_Cole New Member

    Hey Eddie, what's up!

    Baddmojo....what are you talking about? folding chair?!
    Everyone knows chairs and other furniture are best launched from an angle two position.....haha....beginners. lol. j/k
  7. Silat

    Silat New Member


    I was confused about the forum, when Ray told me to come here and post on the FCS forum I thought it was his and why I got angry when you deleted it because I took that as a slap in the face to Ray and questioning my honor.

    Well I spoke to Ray and he told me that he has nothing to do with this forum other than it's about FCS and he promotes it.

    I just wish I had gotten a courtesy e-mail from you explaining why it was taken off.

    Sorry for the confusion,
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2005
  8. Silat

    Silat New Member

    What's Up Guys!

    To the FCS Crew,

    Anthony, Little Ray whatz up!

    I will be in Florida from December 22 to January 3rd! I will try to be in Tampa from December 27 to January 2nd give or take a day in there.

    I want to see all of the guys! I know Rico is in Puerto Rico but is Jose De'Arce still around, Maurice and others?

    Well I will see when I get there.

    Eddie Ivester
  9. Ern-Dog

    Ern-Dog New Member

    Folding chairs? WTF.....

    Such violent tendencies. I'm glad I'm not associated with you neandrathols...



    Just another case of "the man" trying to hold you down. ;)

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