Pocket Catches?

Discussion in 'Misc. Knife Arts' started by arnisador, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. sjansen

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    I like the Ken Onion index opening folders. The pocket opening folders I own don't always open when they are removed and you have to plan on using the thumb stud if the have one. Reliability is the key for me. The index opening puts you in total control of when it is open and only uses one hand with little effort. You end up in a sabre grip which I prefer. They are legal in almost all locals so that is a plus. They are also very cheap and not considered tatical folders so that will help in court if you ever have to actually use them for self defense.
  2. Robert Klampfer

    Robert Klampfer New Member

    The reason I asked is that I favor the tip-down carry mode and one-handed, gravity-fed opening as taught by the late Bob Kasper. I'm not a fan of any of the opening gimmicks out there, such as the wave or partial spring assists.

  3. arnisador

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    I don't use any of the gimmicks, though I liked the Bram Frank Gunting idea of making it easy to open it on your opponent's body. I use the pocket clip some of the time and just put it in my front pocket other times. I know that could make it hard to access it in an emergency, but we all must make compromises.
  4. Rich Parsons

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    I have the wave and like it.

    I can pull it out and it is still closed and use a two handed opening if I want.

    I can also pull it slightly back and out and it catches and opens tip down. As with all tools and opening, if you do not practice it then you will not get a clean opening.

    But as I know knives are a personal thing, what I like may not be what is good for others. Just telling you what I like. :)

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