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    Hello all!
    John from Tatlo Pusaka Senjata here! Here's a brief recap of the recent Pipe Knife seminar held at our school:

    We are excited to have had Piper Knife Master Guardian Lloyd de Jongh out here in Chicago for a successful and very interesting seminar at the Tatlo Pusaka Senjata HQ. Few knew what to expect and in many ways we were pleasantly surprised by the material Lloyd taught. There have been some controversy surrounding the Piper system, but having first-hand experience is necessary to appreciate what it is.

    Piper is truly unique and is based on an African way of moving. The learning process is organic and relatively natural which can be off-putting to many of those coming from a more traditional background, but with the right amount of work and dedication, anybody can learn the system. Good blade culture is good blade culture no matter where it comes from, although some are more familiar to us than others. Piper is a breed of another kind because it comes from a laboratory of violence where people are dying every day in the experimentation process.

    Lloyd is a genuine human being and an excellent teacher who is able to scale concepts and ideas and tailor them to the people that are present. Piper is more than the sum of just knife work – it encompasses body movement, understanding of rhythm, positioning, and a hearty dose of emotional intent, which makes it work. So I would highly recommend anybody interested in this method train with mr. de Jongh. Those interested in training Piper here in the US, feel free to contact our school.

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    Thanks John for giving us the opportunity to experience this unique method. A special thanks to Lloyd for sharing with us his system. It encompassed some very unique movements but also contained some interesting ways the body can be used with gross motor skills. I know that I have gained a new appreciation for different ways the body can move based upon cultural influence. I was also able to take away some "techniques" that I will be able to put in my own toolbox for future use, that being of an unorthodox nature will benefit me. If you have the opportunity to get a chance to experience this system and get a chance to train with Lloyd he is a very high energy instructor, always moving and working with the individual participants, but can also articulate the breakdown of these moves and how it related ti his culture.


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