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Discussion in 'Marksmanship Arts' started by franci1911, Oct 10, 2007.

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  2. Carol

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    And never cover anything with your muzzle that you don't intend to destroy!
  3. arnisador

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    He's wearing an ATF hat?!? I hope it's just been borrowed for the occasion!
  4. Carol

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    Hard to say. A DEA agent goes talking about a gun safety, and as soon as he says "I'm the only one in this room professional enough to handle a Glock 40," he shoots himself in the foot....literally.

  5. Bob Hubbard

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  6. Far Walkers Moon

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    I am not sure if I should laugh or not
    talk about a good way not to do a demonstration
  7. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Well...he's now a good bad example, eh?

    I'm reminded of the Chinese saying: "Even monkeys fall from trees." Here, even an expert in guns can have a bad day.
  8. Carol

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    Its difficult for me to call him an expert.

    He opened the slide, but didn't check the magazine. He didn't follow the basic rules of gun safety. His handling of the firearm was very irresponsible and negligent.

    The rules that Guro Franciotti and I are bantering about earlier....keep your finger off the trigger unless you are prepared to kill, never cover anything with your muzzle that you don't intend to destroy....these rules are there for a reason. Had the agent followed those basic rules, he would not have had that incident.
  9. Brian R. VanCise

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    That is absolutely true. Unless you are prepared to shoot something do not point your firearm ie. muzzle at it. Even more so do not place your finger in the trigger area unless you are going to shoot your firearm. Simple and efficient principles but oh how many people miss these crucial steps. [​IMG]
  10. Ron B

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    there are no accidents with firearms just negligent discharges if you violate the 3 basic safety rules you could have a negligent discharge of your firearm like this agent did.
  11. JoeBrandt

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    So guys! Never play with guns!
  12. ScorpioVI

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    Actually that photo was staged...

    I recognize those guys from the series of negligent videos they put up as a satire years ago. There's a video of that ATF-hat wearing guy walking downrange, tripping on his feet, and cutting loose with a full mag from a Glock 18. Another one with an "ND" of a shotgun while talking to the camera. Dumb stuff like that, all staged.
  13. Neaky

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    it was funny, in that ironic way, just cause he said "Only I can handle this"

    It isa shame that a Pro does not follow basic rules that they show EVERYONE at any range who handles a gun, overconfidence leads to errors, but all in all i think he took getting shot in the foot pretty well!
  14. lhommedieu

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    Negligent Discharge

    Anyone else ever cause a negligent discharge? I have, once, when I was a lot younger, and nearly blew off a toe like this agent did. Lesson learned.

    I grant that he was negligent. How many here would have admitted it, and then stay on to make the point stick - instead of hobbling off to get some first aid? He was probably so furious with himself that the only thing that he was thinking about was how to salvage some good from the situation. Who knows? Maybe he saved a life by staying on and admitting his error.

    Again: I grant that his was negligent for not following a few simple rules of firearms safety. I'll bet he was real happy with the DEA agent before him who handed him the gun with a chambered round inside it, though...


  15. SenseiArashi

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    Many years ago my departments' Range Master shot himself in the leg "cleaning" his 1911A1 service weapon. The strange fact that there was a five foot mirror four and a half feet away from where the incident happened, led to other conclusions. Needless to say, he was not the Range Master after the IA/AAR was completed.

    Train well,

  16. Mangtas

    Mangtas New Member

    Yup, it's the reason why I took up blades and FMA in the first place, so the only one I accidentally hurt while cleaning my weapon is myself. I had an accidental discharge while cleaning my gun during my early college years(loose firearms are prevalent over here in the Philippines), stupid me decided to emulate what I saw in the movies and slam the loaded clip in and then release the slide automatically loading a round into the chamber. Well the hammer accidentally also got released in the process and BANG! the bullet hit the wall to my left. My 10 year old cousin was sitting on a chair leaning against that wall on the other side of the room and she felt the impact of the bullet hitting the wall post behind her, fortunately the slug didn't go through(thank goodness the house was an old one made of Hardwood). It was New Years Day, so everyone in the house thought one of my cousins lit a giant firecracker inside the house again(which they did all the time as a prank) No one suspected what happened, but my heart almost stopped when I realized what happened. I got rid of the gun the following week and swore never to touch a gun again(unless absolutely necessary of course).
  17. PiKanoy

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    That photo is quite funny. Clearly staged, but funny.

    I've seen the DEA footage before, as well as the USMarshalls footage in the prisoner processing area where the Deputy Marshall removes his weapon from the holster, and discharges a round into an ICE officers big toe, in the presence of unrestrained prisoners. I'm sure those agencies of the alphabet are always taking "pot shots" at each other, figuratively speaking of course........or.. well, at times literally too I guess!

    2) Never point your weapon at anything you are not willing to shoot or destroy.
    3) Keep your finger off the trigger (indexed) until your sights are on target and you are ready to shoot.

    Rules 1 and 4 just tend to confuse people!

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