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Discussion in 'Lightning Scientific Arnis' started by Shaun, Apr 14, 2008.

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    confidence! there was one time wheni was about to drive him home from marikina when i asked him to put on his seatbelt coz the "law" was in effect and tht we didnt want to get caught by cops so i said "mag-seatbelt po tayo" (lets put on the belts, we dont want to get caught by cops), he then looks at me as if i was a silly boy, slaps my leg then says... " hm hm... kaya naman natin yun..." ( we can take 'em on...)

    haha! now that really sounded like Mang Ben :)
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    I saw Shauns video with Mang Ben and Guro Elmer, there was one part where Guro Elmer was playing around while training and you'll hear a voice coming from behind the camera saying "Tawa ka ng tawa Elmer, dinig na sa buong mundo ang tawa mo!" ("You keep laughing, the whole world can hear you laughing!") Of course it was Mang Ben a bit angry, but you will also see him goof around with Guro Elmer and Master Shaun on the same video, haha!
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    thanks for sharing everyone!

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