Phillipines post office increase rates almost 100 % !!!!

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  1. This isn't reported in the news yet but Philpost have hiked their rates almost 100% in some cases.

    Yesterday 1kg to the USA cost 685 pesos (about $15). Today it costs 1259 ($27) :Eyecrazy:

    1kg to the UK was 792 pesos (12 GBP). Now it's 1,412 (21 GBP) :Eyecrazy:

    This upsets me on numerous levels.

    I went to the local postal station today thinking the rise would be 5% or 10% at most. Silly me. That would make sense :(

    I guess local businesses who rely on stable prices to send goods outside the country don't matter.

    I am waiting to see if any local newspapers pick up this story or not. If it happened elsewhere there would be protests and questions asked at the highest levels. Here it seems par for the course.

    Now, where did I put my passport again :(

    (Stamps off looking for his "I will survive" CD... :( )
  2. patrickdpr

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    ....looks like the good deals you give me are going bye-bye
  3. Maybe Patrick, maybe. Maybe our livelihood too and I will have to go back to being an accountant :( :( :(

    There is talk that some organizations in the Philippines (power, post office for example) are squeezing as much as possible out of the public during the hand-over of power to the new President.

    The shipping prices may come down in future but I'm not waiting with baited breath and am exploring a few possibilities....

    To get and idea of how the logic of Philpost works they have a rule that the "Air Parcel" rates must start at exactly 2kg. So we are forever adding bits of cardboard to the packages to make them exactly 2kg (and not 1.95kg and I'll pay the 2kg rate for example).

    Now I have to send a parcel to Greece. The flat cost to send 1kg to Europe / USA is 1,600 pesos odd ($35 / 28.5 Euros). Or you can send 2kg for P1200 / $28.

    It wears me down - it really does :(

  4. Well, I started a protest group on facebook and have written an article to submit to an online news group. I doubt it will do any good but it's better than nothing as long as it gets picked up by google (like this thread which was then referenced on the Ebay Philippines board)/

    Here is the article:

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    I hope it goes back down for you Simon, I feel bad for your fam and you
  6. Thanks Patrick.

    It's not the end of the world but it's sickening to have worked hard at something for 3 years or so and make plans for the future to see them threatened like this.

    Still, I guess that's life I suppose and it happens to people everyday.

    Strength in adversity!


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