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  2. Another view here in Manila

    From: University Jokes

    My wife attended a few Universities here. I learnt the term "Leakage" from her - the practice where the professors sell the exam results to the students. It's quite common.

    Also, my wife was required to attend things like job fairs and University functions or be penalized on her final grades. Of course, you had to pay to attend these things. Considering the cost of Education is quite a burden on most families (who frequently have many kids to school) I've been less than impressed with the standards but have a Western viewpoint I suppose.

    If you visit Manila you will see a lot of young people in Nurses outfits everywhere as they get the requirements to emigrate to the US / Canada etc, etc.

    Still, maybe the new administration will seek to change all this...
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    I know that the U.S. hiring away nurses from there and other countries has caused a supply problem in the home's too bad, but that's economics!
  4. Yep, I agree.

    When I went to University I ultimately chose a course that would make me more employable.

    Here in the P.I it seems to be Nursing / Care Giving that offers the best prospects for emigration.

    As part of their course they usually have to work in the local hospitals anyway. What really made me think was an article a few years back. A surgeon with I think 20 years experience re-trained as a nurse and left for the USA as he made more money there!

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