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    I was wondering if anybody iknows if there is any way possible to somehow obtain some of PG Sulite's books, in any form, printed or electronic? Also, do anhone knows if maybe Mrs. Sulite will ever decide to allow for new printing/edition of those books, as I would certainly be the first in line to get those. After all, if I understood correctly, his three books were only printed in 1,000 copies or so each, and after all this time I don't think those of us that were not fortunate enough, which I guess mean majority, can hope for running across a copy anywhere... Still, I do daydream about it every once in a while :)
  2. Guro Dave Gould



    Hello there, I hope that all is well with you and that you are keeping challenged by your daily training.

    Right now there is a minor conflict of interest between Mrs. Sulite and the publishing companies that published PG Sulites 3 books. We all hope that this may be resolved soon and Mrs. Sulite does intend to release all of these books once the proper aggreements have been made.

    All 3 of these books are valuable in both culture and training aids and are a must for any FMA enthusiasts. I was fortunate to receive all 3 copies as gifts autographed and directly presented to me directly from PG Sulite himself. I received both "The secrets of Arnis" and "Advanced Balisong" in October 1993 and the "Masters of Arnis, Kali and Eskrima" in Sept. 1994. All 3 are treasures wich I hold with great esteem.

    I hope for everyones sake that all three will be re-released to the public soon. Go well, ciao.

    Guro Dave Gould.
  3. michigankalisilat

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    Has there been any advancement made in re-releasing these books to the public?

  4. Dave F

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    Hopefully the books of PG Edgar G. Sulite will be reprinted for FMA enthusiasts since they are truly treasures.

    I was fortunate my teacher, GM Roland Dantes presented me with copies of the books PG Edgar gave to him and GM Christopher 'Topher' Ricketts also gave me a copy of Masters of Arnis Kali Eskrima book.

    It would be great if the situation can be solved so the books can be made available once again.


  5. jakeshinryu

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    Christian greetings to u arnis enthusiast. I am a direct student of PG Helacrio "Jun" Sulite,Jr. the original teacher of PG Edgar Sulite. Many of the LAMECO practitioners didn't know the eldest brother of PG Edgar,the author of SUDULA System which was translated into LAMECO by PG Edgar. Only Mark Wiley exposed the truth that PG JUn Sulite was the real/original teacher of Edgar. We are sad here in Ozamiz City, Philippines regarding the speculations of deleting LAMECO in wikipedia.
    Arnis Sulite Philippines (SUDULA System) is recognize by Securities of Exchange Commission in the Philippine Government.
    SUDULA is an abbreviation of visayan dialect SUOD DUOL LAYO, SUOD=close range/corto, DUOL=medium range/medio, LAYO=long range/largo.
    I am 1 of d 4 LAKANS promoted by PG JUN SULITE in Ozamiz City of batch 2005. I'm A Public High School Math Teacher and I'm teaching my select high school students (5 boys & 5 girls)now for regional competition this comin February 22-25, 2010 to represent our Province MISAMIS OCCIDENTAL.
    If you want to verify, contact this # of PG Jun Sulite 09215359538 or ask GM Rickets or GM Dantes, they knew him well.
    God Bless and Happy New Year 2010.


    Lakan-Arnis Sulite
    1st Dan Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do
    1st Dan IAMA Isshinryu Karate (International Ass'n of Martial Arts)
    Practitioner- Grecia Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    - Grecia Combat Aikido
    - Hangeuk Taekwondo
  6. Twist

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    Please dont let this matter become a flamewar as seen in other FMAs (like PTK and DTK).
  7. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    I thought the original teacher of PG Edgar was Helacrio Sulite Sr.
  8. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    That was in May 2008, and they decided to keep it (due to lack of consensus to delete it).
  9. jakeshinryu

    jakeshinryu New Member

    Nickname of PG Helacrio Sulite, Jr.

    The nickname of PG Helacrio Sulite Jr. is "Jun", derived from Junior. He was the eldest son of Helacrio Sulite Sr., a grandmaster of escrima (Sulite Rapellon) and A 10 rounders in boxing.
  10. jakeshinryu

    jakeshinryu New Member

    THANKS_Arnis Sulite Philippines _invites_2010

    Thank you for d info. Will you please disseminate this info to arnis enthusiasts if it is okay?
    "Arnis Sulite Philippines (SUDULA System) would like to invite all LAMECO practitioners worldwide to visit us here in Ozamiz City Philippines if they want to upgrade their knowledge in SUDULA\LAMECO System. The SUDULA system is always polishing the techniques, we counter the counter techniques. PG Helacrio "JUn" Sulite cp# 09215359538.
    And Additional info for LAMECO practitioners that PG Helacrio "Jun" Sulite,Jr. nurtured PG Edgar regarding his arnis lessons. After PG "Jun" Sulite has mastered the lessons in Arnis Kali Eskrima from his late father, Helacrio Sr., and from all other masters of eskrima, he shared it to his young brother PG Edgar and later on when PG Edgar was fully equipped with the knowledge,PG "Jun" Sulite,Jr. referred him to other masters to update the techniques of the particular styles. After PG Edgar learn techniques from other styles, he consult it to PG "Jun" what is the counter for it and PG Edgar was enlightened."

    Happy New Year,

    Guro Philipp Tumampus
    Arnis Sulite Phils (SUDULA SYSTEM)
    1st Dan Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do
    1st Dan IAMA Isshinryu Karate (International Association of Martial Arts)
    Practitioner: Grecia Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
    GREcia Combat Aikido
    Hangeuk Taekwondo
  11. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    Are you saying that the SR wasn't the original teacher of both JR and PG?
  12. jakeshinryu

    jakeshinryu New Member

    Subject for verification to PG Junior Sulite

    What i mean is that, After JR received training from SR, JR transmit his knowledge of Arnis to EDGAR and JR nurtured Edgar in his training with a little bit of coercion to learn.
    PG JR started his training as early as 5,i guess, only JR was interested in the art in his early years.
    THe concentration of SR in training arnis was on JR in order to uplift his name Helacrio, the rest of the Sulite brothers cordially didn't have passion in the art. JR admitted that he was force to learn by his father. SR refer JR to learn from other styles, when Jr learn some techniques from other system, he consult it to his father, and his father teach him the counter of the techniques from other systems of different masters and grandmasters.

    PG JR did also the same thing to EDGAR to learn techniques from other masters and in return, PG EDGAR learn the counter techniques from his MANOY JUN or JR.

    If you want to see the picture of PG JR, just see my friendster account

    Don't worry i will ask more info to PG JUN, maybe i miss some more info in their training from their father. Anyway, we always meet PG JUn every Sunday afternoon 2-7pm for our training schedule but i join the training at 5pm because i conducted a free karate lessons to elementary and high school students in our nearby municipal gym from 2-4pm.
  13. Guro Dave Gould


    The Origens of Lameco Eskrima...


    Hello, I hope that all is well and that you are keeping challenged by your daily training. It is the way.

    After reading what you wrote and me being a Recognized Standard Bearer of Lameco Eskrima I had to respond to correct the record and maintain the integrity of Lameco Eskrima. I have a few questions for you regarding your post, I hope that you do not mind:

    What purpose is being served in casting doubt on the collaberation between Edgar G. Sulite and the five major influences responsible for the creation of Lameco Eskrima?

    Is Helacrio Sulite Jr. (Jun) aware that you are posting here and does he agree with what you have written in possibly dimenishing the degree of invlovement that his brother Edgar G. Sulite had in creating Lameco Eskrima?

    You wrote: " Many of the LAMECO practitioners didn't know the eldest brother of PG Edgar,the author of SUDULA System which was translated into LAMECO by PG Edgar."

    From what I am reading from the above statement, are you suggesting that "Jun" Sulite created Lameco Eskrima and Edgar through his association with him some how got credit for it?

    Edgar also was forced into training with his dad at a very early age, and because of how much he would be abused during those training sessions he had a bad taste thrust into his mouth concerning Eskrima in general until later in his development. Both Helacrio Jr. and Edgar trained with their dad together. Was Helacrio Jr. an influence on Edgar, I am sure that he was as most older brothers are on their younger siblings. Although Edgar respected and admired his eldest brother, Helacrio Sulite Jr. was not one of the major influences of Lameco Eskrima but rather one of the minor influences (Please do not interpret this as being a bad thing as that is not how it is meant).

    The thing that Edgar commented most about Helacrio jr. was his kick boxing skills. He credited Healacrio Jr. in accelling in the family system (Sulite Rapelon) but not in De Campo uno-Dos-Tres Orehenal, Kali Pekiti- Tirsia, Kali Illustrisimo or Modernos Largos (The other 4 major influences directly responsible for the creation of Lameco Eskrima).

    I apologize if any of this offends you but quite honestly I am dumbfounded as to what you are trying to achieve in writing what you have. Maybe I am reading your post out of context, and I don`t fully understand exactly what your point is, but the way that I am reading it you are casting doubt on Edgar Sulite as the true founder of Lameco Eskrima and that the real Master who achieved this task was Helacrio Sulite Jr. and Edgar just rode his Coat Tails to fame. If I am misinterpreting your intent please let me know.

    Lameco Eskrima is a very sensitive topic of conversation with me. Since being promoted to an Instructor of Lameco Eskrima in 1996 and being one of the few recognized Standard Bearers of the system appointed by Edgar G. Sulite we as a group all promised an oath of allegiance to Edgar G. Sulite in propagating, educating and maintaining the integrity of Lameco Eskrima as it was when he last knew of it before death robbed him from us.

    As I stated above Edgar Sulite loved his eldest brother and all of us in the Lameco Eskrima family admire and respect him immensely as well for his skill in Kick-boxing and Sulite Rapelon. As for Lameco Eskrima, Edgar G. Sulite was the founder and guiding force behind its success in collaberation with the teachings of Helacrio Sulite Sr., Jose D Caballero, Tuhon Leo Tortal Gaje Jr., Antonio "Tatang" Illustrisimo, "Pablicito" Cabahug & Jesus Abella.

    As long as we the recognized Standard Bearers of Lameco Eskrima and direct students of Edgar G. Sulite live people will be kept aware of his many contributions, accomplishments and passion for the Pilipino Warrior Arts in general and Lameco Eskrima in specific.

    Again I am not writing to offend but rather to solely seek clarification of what you wrote and your intentions at this point. Train well and prosper...

    Guro Dave Gould.

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