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    I would like to compliment you on your recent developments in Close Quarter Combatives With the knife:
    First, there is the "The Chupacabra", this is a specialized but very aggressive technique that I believe can be used by both Professionals and Civilians alike. I really like how it requires little training and is ready ”now” when you need it the most in a fight.

    Second, there are the knives of your design. I carry the larger version, the Akita, on my Battle Belt and the smaller version “The Shiba” in my EDC setup. Not only does the handle design, found on both knives, allow for ready access when the fight is already underway, it also makes for a secure grip in high adrenal circumstances. No fear of sliding down onto the blade when a thrust hits something hard, even when the handle is slippery from blood.

    Third, there is your integration of gun and knife for when the gun goes click instead of bang. This gives a new meaning to a “secondary” weapon system. Not only does the transition to blade allow for ready and rapid lethality, it also enables returning to the gun to bring it back into battery without having to re-sheathe the knife back first. Not having to find the sheath and insert the knife without stabbing yourself during a firefight because you can return the gun to battery without having to re-sheathe the knife can be a real life saver!

    Most all other techniques that I have seen tried in the past have this one fatal flaw, of having to take your eyes off the enemy when putting the knife back, yours takes care of that and I do believe the design of the knife itself is key to being able to do the correct and safe technique you taught.

    I look forward to learning many more Knife and Stick Fighting techniques from you.

    As you say, ”The adventure continues”.

    Frankie McRae
    Director of Training
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