Personal Safety and Derobio Escrima

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    Found the following document

    Personal Safety and Derobio Escrima
    Derobio Escrima’s role in your personal safety strategy

    1.0 Introduction
    An individual’s decision to submit or resist conflict has serious life-changing ramifications. The study of martial arts is a well-known method for increasing your chances in life threatening situations. Unfortunately all martial arts are not created equal. When choosing to study a martial art it is important to select a style that will be effective in the most common types of situations, including those situations in which weapons are used. The Filipino Martial Arts are distinguished from other martial arts by their practicality and efficiency. Derobio Escrima is a particularly efficient style. This paper will survey the most common type of crime and the outcomes of resistance versus submission. Criteria for selecting a martial art is presented and used to determine the effectiveness of Derobio Escrima for self-defense.
    2.0 Submission versus resistance An individuals approach to personal safety is governed by many ethical, moral, and legal implications. These guiding principals are integral to the decision of fight or flight. An additional question that should be considered is will resistance benefit the situation or will it make it worse. This consideration is complicated by the uniqueness
    of every possible encounter.
    The US military provides insight into this situational uniqueness in the Fleet Marine Force Manual 1 doctrine
    manual know as Warfighting. Warfighting was first published in 1989, and has had a significant impact both inside and outside the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps take an approach of using probability and statistics in determining their approach to conflict.
    War is intrinsically unpredictable. At best, we can hope to determine possibilities and probabilities.
    This implies a certain standard of military judgment: What is possible and what is not? What is probable and what is not? By judging probability, we make an estimate of our enemy’s designs and
    act accordingly. Having said this, we realize that it is precisely those actions that seem improbable that often have the greatest impact on the outcome of war. A logical method to determine the best course of action in a conflict is to sample many situations and determine
    statistically what the implications of submission vs. resistance are.

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    I would have pasted the whole article but there are tables with statistics that just didn't look right when copied over.
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    Weighing in

    What I have noticed about Derobio is one's ability to regulate responses to personal safety issues. The body and hand position language says I am not armed or I don't want trouble, yet put you into position to counter,disarm and break, the choice is yours of how far you desire to take it, however it must be done with a proper attitude or excessive force issues could result IMHO.

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