pencak silat and Kali eskrima, What's the difference between the footwork etc..?

Discussion in 'General' started by Christopher Ligot, Sep 22, 2014.

  1. Christopher Ligot

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    1) does pencak silat have the same mobility required in kali eskrima?
    2) does pencak silat have 12 angles of attack?
    3) do they utilize principles of angles in footwork?
  2. madsox

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    Thread necro, but what the heck. From my limited and now rather dated exposure:
    1 - same? No. But yes.
    2 - no, but maybe yes
    3 - yes, some, and maybe no

    The problem with this set of questions is that "Pencak Silat" includes probably hundreds of distinct systems/styles. Some are related to each other, while some are completely different. I've seen silat that looks like shotokan karate, stuff that looks like southern Chinese gungfu (especially some of the animal-patterned styles) and a range of others.

    So in general terms, most silat systems do use a lot of mobility, including moving from high stances down to the ground and back. But how they do that? Too many variations to count.

    Similarly, I haven't seen a silat style that uses 12 specific angles like many kali/eskrima systems do, but there's probably at least one out there that does. As for angles in footwork, some use specific angles, even going so far as to practice on geometric patterns on the floor (triangles, diamonds, etc), while some are less structured.

    So the short answer to all three of these is "it depends"


    Frustrating but true, I'd dare to say.


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