Pekiti-Tirsia practitioner in Santa Fe,NM

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    I am new to this forum but have been training FMA for several years, along with some Jujitsu and Muay Thai. I gave up all other styles aprox. 4 years ago to train Pekiti-Tirsia exclusively and have never looked back nor been disappointed.

    I have just returned from two weeks of instruction in the Philippines conducted by Tim Waid and Grand Tuhon Gaje himself. We trained for several days on the beach in Boracay, and afterwards I was fortunate to be invited to visit and train at his home in Bocolod, Negros Occidental. There I was indoctrinated into a more indigenous style of training consisting of several thousands of strikes on the tire along with more technical instruction (such as Dumpang and Milayu Sibat on the beach) along with some one-on-one instruction with Mike Franciotti, GT Longest running instructor.

    The highlight of our stay came on the last day of our trip in Manila when Tuhon showed up unexpectedly at our hotel and whisked us off to a visit of the Rizal memorial. He ended with some of his tales of old men, which will never be forgotten.
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    Welcome! It sounds like you've found something that works for you!
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    Welcome! Glad to hear that you enjoyed your trip to the PI. :wavey:
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    Hi, and welcome sounds like you had an incredible time.
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    Hi Sean,

    Jason mentioned seeing you in the PI, welcome to the forum.

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    Hey Lamont hope all is well with you. Thank you all for the warm welcome. Yes my trip there was phenomenal. I left a piece of my soul there and now will have to return to visit it as often as possible.
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    fellow PTK

    I am a PTK newbie and this comment speaks highly of the choice I made as well. I hope to one day be ask proficient with PTK. I can hardly wait 'til we get to Pangamut and Dumog. As Jason Baird said in one of these posts, (I paraphrase): Once you get the mentality of PTK, you will not have to worry about empty hands. Here's to acquiring that confidence and skill!
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    Excellent! [​IMG]
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    Awesome. Training in the Philippines is fantastic. I was at the first camp. Can't wait to go next year.


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