Pekiti Tirsia Metaphysical Studies

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    What is the Pekiti Tirsia Metaphysical Studies ? Is it related/similar to certain silat practices such as "kanurangan", "ilmu batin/kebatinan" and "tenaga dalam" ? Is it a set of physical exercises and breathing exercises plus meditation to bring out one's "ki/chi/tenaga dalam" ?
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    LL is the key
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    ??? Please explain
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    Look on youtube for an interview where GT Gaje is talking about the secret of the double LL. One of his common and fairly impressive (and fun) word plays. :D
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    Here a classic where gt Gaje mentions LL:
    @ 0:34
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    There was an informative thread that covered this on the old PTK Pitbulls forum but that's been gone for quite a few years now.


    PS: Here are a couple of hints for you ;).....

    "(originally from the forum)
    In reply to Steven, I wish to magnify more why are filipino blade arts so effective.
    There are several conditions that influenced the effectivity of the Filipino Blade art. A. The Filipino martial Arts is centered into the Philosophy of the art as KALI A PHILOSOPHY and KALI or KALIS as a blade.When we talk of philosphy , the meaning is so in-depth that the early Filipinos took the Philosophy as a strength with power to dominate its surroundings or
    environment. The Kali philosophy as life itself was embedded in the physical and mental fiber of every kaliman who were under the Doctrine of Discipline believing in life not death. If this belief of living is well practiced and understood by every person today then there is less casualty of people dying because they accept life instead of death. In Kali, life is more supreme above anything else.People who believe in death, then they accept defeat and once defeat is accepted then there is a total loss of the power to survive.When a Kali man prepares himself against all odds either physical,mental or even spiritual enemies, he trippled his defenses by training hard and seriously take every bit of movements, every slash and thrust effective and calculative. The training brought his mental faculties blends to the elements of the philosophy which is to live and preserve his life.B.While the Philosophy is substantial factor in making the Kaliman invincible, the practice of the fighting technology is based on the principles of numerology, astrology and natural resources, metaphysics and paranormal.Every technique that is within the spectrum of the fighting circle is well calculated based on strategy and tactics. Meaning, every method within the fighting system was designed to completely destroy the enemy in the most shortest possible time,knowing the enemy's capabilites and destroy him at his weakest point.With the use of metaphysical power, when the enemy is known, he can be weakened ahead of the encounter that before he start the fight he is already dead.There are instances during the encounter that the enemy cannot move his arm, cannot wink his eyes, cannot inhale and he is completely immobile. These are are some of the factors why the filipino blade arts are so effective plus the Filipino blades are tinted with poisons that once you are cut then within 5 seconds you will instantly die. There are more factors that will magnify this subject but it will be long for the forum.Learning the secret is knowing how to understand the Pekiti-Tirsia kali system.

    "Pekiti-Tirsia higher advanced studies is the concentration of the metaphysical development where power from within and power from without is brought developed into electro magnetic power generated from the body energy and explodes at the time of contact. The special power to the power of metaphysical is the hidden secret of Pekiti-Tirsia kali system. "

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