Pekiti-Tirsia Kali on Bourne Ultimatum

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    The fight choreographer is listed as Damon Caro. From what I can tell he did a lot of recent movies with good fights. Seems to have a background from the Inosanto academy, but I'm sure there is Pekiti mixed in there.

    I'd be interested if anyone knew more, that's just what I could turn up from a few quick google searches.

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    Filipino martial arts in Bourne Ultimatum

    The credits list Damon Caro as the fight choreographer. Mr. Caro is a senior instructor in Dan Inosanto's organization.

    Mr. Caro was also the fight choreographer for "300."

    With respect to any Pekiti Tirsia Kali influence, Dan Inosanto is listed as Magino'o Guro in Tuhon William McGrath's PTI organization - so I suspect that the Pekiti Tirsia that Mr. Caro learned came from Guro Dan. You might want to contact Mr. Caro and ask him.


    Steve Lamade
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    In the special features section of The Bourne Supremacy DVD, it shows Jeff Imada as the choreographer for the fight scenes.

    In the first DVD, The Bourne Identity, it mentions that Matt Damon had about 3 months of training in PTK specifically for the one fight scene with the assassin that came crashing through the window in his apartment (the scene where he fights the guy with a Bic pen and sticks it in his hand).

    I don't know who the choreographer was for The Bourne Identity or The Bourne Ultimatum, but I am VERY happy to see that PTK was the art referenced for the movie.

    It's interesting to note how different martial arts are showcased in different times; In the 70's, there was a major "explosion" in Kung Fu movies, in the 80's it was mostly Karate movies (ie Chuck Norris in "Good Guys Wear Black and The Octagon, etc...., also the various "ninja" movies), in the 90's Steven Segal was very popular with his Aikido in the various movies he did, and now in the new millenium it seems that we are seeing more Kali in the movies ( The Hunted, and the Bourne series ).

    Again, I am just pleased to see the increased awareness in Kali, more specifically in Pekiti Tirsia Kali.

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    I understood Jeff Imada to be the foght coordinator too:

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    It looks like this is the company that did the Bourne Ultimatum and 300 They have contact information if anyone feels like calling them to ask about their connection to Pekiti Tirsia.


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