Pekiti Seminar in Spring, Tx. May 17-18

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    Pekiti-Tirsia seminar with Tuhon Bill McGrath

    Dates: May 17-18, 2014

    Curriculum: Solo Baston 64 Attacks
    (These are the foundational techniques and drills of Pekiti-Tirsia single stick)

    Ground Dwellers Martial Arts
    9222 Louetta Rd
    Spring, TX, 77379

    For more info, visit the Ground Dwellers seminar web page:

    Ground Dwellers website

    see you in Texas,
    Tuhon Bill McGrath
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    Seminar clip

    Here's a video from last weekend's seminar at Ground Dwellers Martial Arts in Spring, TX. We were working on Solo Baston 64 Attacks, but of course I had to show some empty hand and knife variations as well.

    <font size="4">[video=youtube;xeurWcaLUbI];feature=share&amp;list=UU4sqXk6K2g E0V74ejjma2Lg[/video]

    Tuhon Bill McGrath

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