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  1. arnisador

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    Is it time to create a Pedoy and/or Derobio forum? We'd be happy to give it a try; if there ends up being insufficient interest, we can simply fold it into this forum later.

    What would be the best name for such a forum? Pedoy Eskrima (or escrima)? Derobio Eskrima? Pedoy and Derobio Eskrima? Is one art definitely a sub-style of the other? If there's a most correct way to describe such a forum, I regret that I don't know what it is!

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  2. robertlk808

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    Yeah why not, it would not only help expose to system to a wider audience but also promote FMA in Hawaii. I really would love to see more people from Hawaii post on the forums.
  3. Mchief

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    Derobio Forum

    When the school started in Hawaii in 1961 it was called The Pedoy School of Escrima. Derobio was the style or method taught. So Pedoy's Escrima can also be called Derobio Escrima same thing. There are no subsystems. The forum can be named Pedoy's Derobio Escrima. That would br good. If you need a picture let me know.
  4. Mchief

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    Hawaii FMA

    Not to much is known of Hawaii Escrimadors. There are many reasons why. The history of FMA in Hawaii runs deep but is silent. My wish is also to have more Escrimadors from Hawaii share their history.
  5. StixMaster

    StixMaster -== Banned ==-

    Give it try!!

    Hey guys I second the motion. It will surely bring out more posters from Hawaii, they will see that they got somewhere they can post threads about FMA in Hawaii. So many of the"Federation' manongs are passed away now, but hopefully some left their knowledge with eskrimadors in Hawaii.Tofa Soifua to all and Aloha
  6. 408kali

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    I'm all for it. One other major system which has roots in Hawaii is[SIZE=-1] the Villabrille-Largusa system of Kali. I'm wondering where are the practitioners of this system, and would some of these people like to share with us here? I would truly like to see that too.
  7. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Pedoy's Derobio Escrima: That works for me--anyone else have an opinion? I'm backlogged on getting pictures up but would like to have on for any new forum eventually!

    As always, if there's enough interest as evidence by active threads we're happy to try a new forum--in the meantime, I'd think a Pedoy's Derobio Escrima forum would be mostly on that, and the General forum would be better for other arts. I don't think we need a Hawaiin-Filipino Systems section yet, but we can keep an open mind on that.

    -FMAT Admin
  8. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    OK, I created it. Please give me comments on how better to describe it and such--we want it to be useful for you!
  9. StixMaster

    StixMaster -== Banned ==-

    Pedoy/Derobio eskrima info

    An Escrimador must have the Wisdom and Discretion

    to know when to use his art. When forced to use it

    he must show Humanity against aggressors who cannot

    defend against it and the Humbleness not to boost about

    the Power he holds. In doing so He will gain Harmony both

    with his Art and his Life. ( Pedoy/Derobio Creed)

    Many years ago a student of Serrada came to visit me and we worked for about a week. I liked what I saw and heard from this Serrada Student and he liked Derobio. Its like 2 long lost cousins meeting for the first time. It was a really great experience for me. I can share a little bit about Derobio Movements.
    1) short sticks 24'' to 28 '' single stick. ( we are originally a blade art.)
    2) short ,sharp fiqure 8 movements
    3) move outside and inside with ease
    4) when defending inside we move to the outside of the attack quickly
    5) move very low and underneath the power, behind and power
    6) our footwork is key for us
    7) our checking hand is in motion all the time ( to Derobio the checking hand is the most important hand)
    8)our Sumbrada moves can translate inside to outside in 1 motion
    9) once our weapon moves it does stop until we disarm the opponent
    10) we use our right and left hands to move the weapon
    11) Derobio is a counter for counter martial art
    12) I believe Serrada has Visayan Origin.

    If you take away the thumb, you kill the hand. If you take away the hand you kill the arm. If you take away the arm you kill half the man. At least the attacker can live on albeit with only one arm. Than you invite him to your school and teach him how to defend himself with one arm .In Derobio we train with both our hands. Whatever your strong arm can do your other side can duplicate. This helps with body balance to.

    This is just a small view of what we do I still did not touch on Agaws, and Dumog and Panantukan moves.
    Can you please share any similarites with Derobio? I would be very interested.
    Thank You
    Mchief C. Siangco

    Just sharing with you all what we talked about this past weekend, this art comes from Gen. Faustino Ablen ,
    a Pulahanes rebel leader in hiding. Part of Filipino history.

    You can read up on General Ablen and the Red Shirt Pulahanes group

    Derobio Escrima
    Braulio T. Pedoy (1900-1992)

    Derobio is based on passing, either with the stick or hand, as opposed to
    directly blocking the attack, once passed the emphasis is on controlling with
    either locks and/or disarming. 12 locks are taught for each pass on the 12
    angles of attack and up to 12 counters for each lock and/or disarm. Each pass
    is also taught with what is called the "Basic 3" which is 3 strikes always
    done across the body high, low, middle. The style is close range and is good for
    "self defense" against a skilled or unskilled opponent. The style has a lot to
    offer against a heavy weapon that might possibly not be stopped with a direct block.
    Brauilo Pedoy opened his first Escrima school in 1961 in Hawaii.

    major players : Eduardo Pedoy, Christopher P. Siangco, Tyrone Takahashi, Michele Navares,
    Carlton Kramer, K. Peacock, P. Schmall, Ron England, L. Castillo, Chaz Paul Siangco

    Kawaika and GM Tyrone Takahashi of the Pedoy School of Escrima and host of the Pacific Island Showdown.

    Bolo's training

    MChief Siangco

    Will this help ??? Thanx again Arnisador for the sub-forum, Aloha
  10. robertlk808

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    Ill post on myspace there I have some guys from other systems on my profile at lets encourage more people to post. I dont know if this is appropriate forum to post but I have heard the name Snookie Sanchez pop up from time to time. I have also sent out an emails to a couple of people that I hope will join in the discussion. Maybe GM Tyrone Takahashi or his son Keoni will post. I think now is a good time to start "advertising" the upcoming tournament. There are others that have posted... like ahem Greg808 who have posted on here before. Cmon guys, share the info
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  11. arnisador

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    The more the merrier!
  12. Mchief

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    Pedoy's Derobio Escrima

    Mahalo Anisador
    FMA have lost Escrimadors before they could pass on their knowledge. GGM Pedoy left a legacy that will live on through his lineage,instructors and students. There's a few post on another thread that I need to respond to under the General forum. After that I will concentrate on this one. Its good, we can keep it all in one place. Looking forward to sharing what I know about Derobio, GGM. Pedoy and the family.
  13. arnisador

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    Please let me know about threads that need to be moved here--I found a few but didn't do a deep search.
  14. Mchief

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    Very good. You got them all!
    Mchief C

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