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    Hey, Im new to the board and new to JKD. Im 19 and looking to train in NY. I found this guy Cris Moran that says hes a master under Paul. Does anybody can vouch for him. Did anybody train with him. I think te looks okay.
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    Vunak creates instructors in 2 days...
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    I agree with UrBaN on this one. Paul Vunak has some longtime students who are now instructors, but he also will teach you the RAT (rapid assault tactics) stuff in a 2 day course and then certify you to teach it to others (for a liscensing fee). Looking at Moran's website, the only credentials mentioned are Paul Vunak and the RAT system, so it might be safe to assume that this is the method chosen. Moran does not list any other training or certifications in JKD from someone else. What you are going to be learning is all on a $50 DVD that you could buy yourself.

    Here is a link to Paul's training, if you wanted to do the 2 day course yourself.

    It's not bad training at all, it is just VERY condensed. Here is what you will learn, straightblast to enter, clinch with attacker and then elbows and knees until you end it. Self-defense techniques are strike the eyes, throat to escape.
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    Vanuk has gone much to the MMA realm of training as of late. He is training in BJJ and ground fighting more now than ever. Although JKD is not a style as much as a philosophy which Vanuk is following. If your looking for original JKD you will want a well qualified instructor and you are crawling up the wrong tree. If you want to learn MMA you are probably going to the right place. The hands of Chris show JKD mixed with many other elements. Train with him a couple of times and see if he has what you are looking for. If he wants money up front for you to do so, you know what he is looking for.
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    I like Paul Vunak's material. It's compressed but in a good way. Of course you'd want more training. I don't have any experience with the brief courses.
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    I find the wording on his YouTube posts to be on the ridiculous side....
    "Paul Vunak JKD Secrets only I know!", "Master Chris showing his top guys why he is da man..."Check out the footwork and perfect body mechanics", "never lost a groundfighting match", "PFS Tops Student", "real Vunak sh#t"

    He might be good and be a good teacher. I just run the other way when I see stuff like that.

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    Clear up confusion...

    Hello – This is Chris Moran - Finally I got access to this forum to clear the air on videos being posted on youtube. ​

    1.The youtube account "chrismoranjkd" is a fake.​

    The account "chrismoranjkd" was recently created around 2 weeks after my official youtube channel went up. Whoever it is downloaded my videos, re-titled and changed the description of the video’s.​

    I have no affiliation or endorse the commentary of this account and do apologize for the confusion. The way the video’s are describing myself, my students, PFS, and Sifu Paul Vunak are misleading and disrespectful. ​

    I basically have a youtube stalker and have already contacted the help center to remove this page. Youtube however takes forever to process a complaint so I do not know how long the process will take. ​

    2. My official youtube channel is the following:

    If you go to my official youtube page "jkdnewyork" you will see the videos I posted myself with the correct "description" and "title". ​

    The context of the video is important because on my page it clearly states these videos were taking from some of my "BEGINNERS CLASS" which is an intro to self defense. ​

    Most of these videos were taken after just 2-3 months of training and they have progressed nicely since then.​

    Comment on elbow strikes mechanics – ​

    In one video we were doing an intense cardio drill and the student is doing a series of elbow strikes. The focus of the drill was to get the student to involve his body early in training. To correctly involve the hips, legs, and have solid structure on the point of impact. ​

    Once that is achieved then we can refine the movement so the torso movement is sharp, fast and still retaining power. With time the student will progress from gross to refined movement so we can use our tools economically. ​

    I aim to teach this early so when we get pass the Rapid Assault Tactics system and move into Jun Fun Kickboxing the base mechanics are present. With a solid base it’s easier to teach the rest of the tools we use in kickboxing. ​

    3. I’m currently a Full Instructor in JKD Concepts under Sifu Paul Vunak since December 2005 and have requested for the instructors list to be updated. Everyone know they just recently updated the website after years! :eek:) but I’m glad they finally did. ​

    Unfortunately the instructors list has not changed but I hope it will soon. ​

    I teach a lot more then Rapid Assault Tactics but to me it’s an excellent introduction to JKD Concepts. Considering it’s streamlined for self defense but still incorporates the major concepts so the student can begin internalizing concept not just technique. ​

    4. I have a lot of respect and admiration for Sifu Paul Vunak and hope to clear the air that this account "chrismoranjkd" is creating. ​

    5. If there is still any doubt of who I’m or what I do. My door is always open to any martial artist to talk, discuss JKD, or just hang out and get to know me personally. ​

    In light of the confusion – if you are a beginning student you are welcomed to come to my classes for 2 weeks free of charge. Just email me at your contact info and we can schedule your visit.​

    Best Wishes ​

    Chris Moran​

    Here are some of my online recommendations and more coming soon…​

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    I am VERY happy to hear that you aren't the one that said those things :)
    Sorry to hear about your Stalker. That sucks.

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    Like I said before. If he wants money up front you know what you are getting. You obviously don't. It's good to see that you give the students a free trial period to see if what you have is what they want. Kudos to you and what you are doing. Just let the students know what you are teaching and what you represent and they will come back if that's what they are looking for. If not, they should find someone else. You are definitely following this philosophy. No smoke and mirrors here. They get a chance to see what is there and what you have to offer.

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