Parts of the cane?

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    Hello FMA practitioners!

    I have read that the butt of the cane is called the "punyo", the tip is called the "punto", the grip is called the "puluhan" and the middle is called the "centro". Are these terms correct? If so, that leaves the striking end "below" the punto--is there a name for that?

    Just wondering. Thank you all.
  2. Well, since no one has replied to you, I will, although my terms (from Bais Tres Manos) are different.Punyo (from Kombatan) refers to the entire part of the stickprotruding below the grip. It is a miniature version of the part of the stick protruding above the grip. Hope this helps.[h=1]Lesson 2 – Anatomy of the Stick[/h]
    [h=3]Parts of the Stick[/h]· The stabbing point (pag saksak)
    · The striking area (pag tama, sometimes pag hataw)
    · The blocking area (pag sangga)
    · The disarming area (pag disarma)
    · The grip area (pag hawak)
    · The butt (punyo) - pros & cons of having/nothaving a punyo

    [h=3]Stick Length[/h]· Short vs long – which is better?
    · The longer the better? – No!
    · Finding the “ideal” stick length
    · In the hands of a true master, does lengthreally matter? --No!

    [h=3]Composition of the Stick – Pros & Cons ofDifferent Materials[/h]· Rattan – why it’s ideal for practice but notcombat
    · Kamagong and other hardwoods – ideal for combatbut not group practice
    · Synthetic sticks – a great investment if you pick the right one
    · What to check for (& how to check) when buyingyour sticks

    [h=3]The Grips and When to Use Them[/h]· Types of grips
    · Common grip: Thumb over index finger
    · Extended thumb: Unless you’re a living legend,don’t use
    · Reverse grip
    · Close quarters grip
    · Grip placement
    · Placement for punyo – pros & cons
    · Placement for no punyo – pros & cons
    · Placement for close quarters – Dos & TresPuntas (from Kombatan)

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