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    There's a new item on the PTI store site:

    Palmstick & Flexible Weapon training kit and DVD

    I've been teaching a number of palmstick classes lately (such as
    the upcoming seminar in New Iberia, LA. the 23rd and 24th of this month). I like this tool as a technical and psychological bridge between empty hand and knife techniques. I've had it help our knife to knife training as well. I had tried Cold Steel's rubber training knives in our sparring when they first came out, but found that guys who moved realistically when they sparred with wooden dowels now began to play "tag" with the rubber knives, delivering light, flicking "cuts" instead of hard stabs. Using a short hardwood palmstick vs. rubber knife seemed to fix this problem, as the guys with the rubber knives suddenly remembered how much a thrust or punyo with a wooden stick can hurt.

    What are your thoughts on the palmstick?

    Tuhon Bill McGrath

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