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  1. Phil Mar Nadela

    Phil Mar Nadela New Member Supporting Member

    O.K. lang Kuya! Can't wait for the Hataw sticks.[​IMG]
  2. Phil Mar Nadela

    Phil Mar Nadela New Member Supporting Member

    Such a beautiful collection, thanks for posting them! I just finish a transaction with Simon ( and hopefully it will be here soon. I will try to test them and maybe make a video review.[​IMG]

  3. Phil Mar Nadela

    Phil Mar Nadela New Member Supporting Member

    Hataw sticks arrived!

    I just received the 4 hataw sticks this morning and I can't wait to try them out:biggrinbo. I will write a review soon.
  4. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    I got one as well, and it's holding up fairly well. I've only been using it for a week though. I had a slight problem with one of the side seams coming loose, but I think it was just the luck of the draw and a single item defect rather than a characteristic of the product.
  5. Thanks guys. Glad you got the package Phil. :)

    Brock - sorry to hear about the seams. That stick I sent for you was the "Standard" one - the ones that Phill has are the "Hataw" (with handle).
  6. Bob Hubbard

    Bob Hubbard Darth Vindicatus Supporting Member

  7. johnzag

    johnzag Junior Member

    Question: When using the padded sticks do you still pad up? We try not to as we find that your freedom of movement is restricted when wearing the padded vest. However this is not enforced a lot of students still opt to wear the vest.. however a lot of our Lakans (black belts) now spare without extra padding? Just intersted to see how others are training.. Especially reading some of the posts that have stated that the better quality padded sticks are quite hard and the pain level is failry high with them.
  8. No. In Bahad Zubu we just spar with the padded sticks that I sell. No vest, gloves, etc, etc.

    With the padded sticks we go pretty hard but don't go for the head / thrusts to the eyes etc, etc. It means that our arms are black and blue (well students. GM Yuli won't let you take a step towards him if he doesn't want to...) and sometimes some nice ones come up on the legs.

    In our style we also have "Live Stick" sparring following the same principles (no armour, no head shots) but obviously the shots are nowhere near full blast. Still, it's enough to numb your hands and bruise again.

    Once you've felt and seen this (I have felt it but am graduating to Live Stick sparring "hopefully" (LOL!) before Christmas) the padded sticks seem nothing to worry about at all.
  9. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    We wear hand, helmet and forearm/elbow padding. I sometimes skip the forearm and elbow. I have my kids classes wear chest protection, and I give the same option to my female students. For hand padding we use MMA style gloves. Your wrist mobility isn't limited as much with them.
  10. tim_stl

    tim_stl Junior Member

    we do not. we feel that any padding on the body removes the pain factor and makes people more brave/stupid than they otherwise would be.

  11. Phil Mar Nadela

    Phil Mar Nadela New Member Supporting Member

    Hataw sticks review

    I hope Kuya Bob Hubbard doesn’t mind, but I copied his format on reviewing the Hataw sticks. Here is my attempt on reviewing this product.

    Reviewer: Phil Mar Nadela
    Item Reviewed: Hataw Sticks
    Where to Buy:
    Cost as Reviewed: $59.99 US a pair + S/H


    Weight: Compared to regular padded stick, the weight was almost similar and lighter than rattan sticks. And because of the grips, the punyong has a little weight to it.

    The balance is as good as it gets. I use both left and right hands so I cannot do moves that I would normally do with a standard padded stick (passing, faking, etc).

    The Hataw stick has similar material as standard padded sticks, although the new versions are made from “Ballistic Dernier”. The Handle is made out of hard rubber with grips.

    Feels comfortable and has an excellent grip, which really helps when using padded gloves.

    Impact Transference:
    Having no experience with other commercial padded sticks, except for normal padded sticks; being made with real rattan as well, the impact felt the same as a generic padded stick except for the better grip, I’m still inexperienced in sparring but I felt that I had more control. There is no “whipping” at all (as Kuya Bob says about the other product); it is as stiff as the normal padded sticks.

    Overall Product Appearance: Here is the site with the configurations of the sticks . It comes in blue and red, same material as the standard padded sticks but different stitching.

    I used the product heavily these past week. My co-worker decided to hit himself hard on his forearm repeatedly (I guess he likes the abuse); at one point the stick was clearly bent. It retained its shape after straightening the stick and it was usable again (Unlike normal padded sticks that would have probably broke). After using it on sparing, marks and superficial dents appeared on the stick, the logo also smudged. You can also lift the padding off the handle after heavy use but the stick did not fall apart. I also unfortunately cut one of the sticks with a box cutter when opening the package revealing the padding, I did not repair it so I can see what will happen if I used it when sparing. It did not unravel but like normal padded sticks, it is thin and easily cut. The product itself is still usable, I myself have no problem with it but other customers my not like this.

    Customer Support:
    Prompt service and delivery. They offer excellent discount packages, very affordable.

    The Hataw sticks proved to be a very reliable. It is stiff enough for sparing and flexible enough to use as a normal training tool. Like normal padded sticks it is made of rattan so if you are use to competition style sticks, this is a great alternative (normal padded sticks break easily during competitions). It is also very affordable. The only thing is that like normal padded sticks, it shows wear after use. Not much improvement is necessary for the product other than materials that is more resistant to wear. Other than that it is a good product.

    Please feel free to asks questions or add on what I missed in reviewing the hataw sticks. Hopefully other members here will share there experience with this product.
  12. Thanks Phill.

    May I just correct the price though - it's $59.99 with free worldwide shipping.

    I'm not sure if the logo we sent you was printed? The latest editions have a tough sticker which can be peeled off with a lot of effort.

    We now have the ballistic dernier in blue and black. Red shouldn't be too long. We plan on taking more video in the coming weeks as well.

    We can also make the sticks different sizes from 28" - 30" 24" etc, etc which might appeal to some.

    If there's any questions at all pitch me a PM.



    P.S Be careful of that co-worker. Or take him to class we you!
  13. Phil Mar Nadela

    Phil Mar Nadela New Member Supporting Member

    [​IMG]I think it is a bad idea to bring him to class with me.

    My sparring partner really liked the hattaw sticks, he told me to order for him next time i do decide to get more.

    Thanks again Kuya Simon.
  14. wes tasker

    wes tasker New Member

    This is a little late, and for that I have to apologize to Mr. Simon. I received two of the Hataw sticks and tested them out recently. I must say I'm impressed....

    The first thing I did was grab a student and we hit them together on matching 1's and 2's and they held up great. I then had my student swing full force and I did all manner of "Umbrellas" and "Four Walls" and the sticks didn't bend around the counter-offensives.

    We then sparred and the thing I like is that they definitely give you incentive to not get hit - but still are flexible / padded enough that someone's not going to the hospital with a broken bone. Although I'm not letting Tuhon Bill McGrath hit me with one any time soon. Not that I'd have a choice if he wanted to..... :)

    They held up great to hitting immovable targets (trees, tires, etc.) and when they did bend, they were easy to straighten and were good as new. I like the new handles and the fact that they can be made in different lengths.

    All in all I really liked them and I'm saving to order some for my school to replace the other padded sticks we normally used.

    Simon's customer service is second to none and I really appreciate it...

    -wes tasker
  15. Thanks Phil and Wes - it was a pleasure doing business with you both too.

    We are trying our best to offer a durable padded stick that doesn't cost $100 a pair!

    We can offer different sizes as mentioned, school logos and the choice of red, blue and black.

    The website is but if you PM me I'll give you a nice bit of discount ;)

    All the best,

  16. yomitche

    yomitche New Member

    How is everyone's Hataw stick holding up? I'm thinking of ordering a couple for our group...
    Just wondering if everyone is still happy with them after having them for a little while and, hopefully, using them on a regular basis.
  17. Phil Mar Nadela

    Phil Mar Nadela New Member Supporting Member

    Still very satisfied.

    One of them broke, not because of sparring but one of the students bent it and it snapped. I guess they where trying to check how far it would bend.
    Other than that, we have been using it regularly (the last 3 I have) for practice for an upcoming tournament next year. I am tempted to order more but my wife will kill me. [​IMG]
  18. The Phalanx

    The Phalanx FMA's Frank Lucas

    I don't believe in using Smak-Stiks or anything similar... They give you a false sense of security since they bend easily and it's difficult to do blocks with them...

    I recommend them for little kids or for people who are in their first month of training or their first time sparring... But I don't recommend them for prolonged use for sparring at all, especially if you've been training for a while... I see some people using armor when fighting with Smak-Stiks, which I don't get... Why are you even taking FMA if you're not willing to put up with the pain???

    We use padded sticks for sparring... We use insulation as padding but there might as well be nothing there since the pain and bruises are still the same... So we don't kill each other and go 50%-60%... But you're free to spar with live-sticks if you want... Someone is always more than willing to fight you with it...

    But when we spar, we only use limited protective gear... Which is not really that bad after all when using padded sticks... The gear we use are gloves, fencing mask, knee & elbow pads, shin guards(Muay Thai shinguards but those are optional), and mouthguards...

    But like what I said, I don't recommend the prolonged use of Smak-Stiks... Move on to thin sticks, which sting but won't break any bones...
  19. I take your point but are you saying you use the limited gear with the live stick or padded?

    In our style (Bahad Zubu) Master Yuli does not personally like padded sticks (even though he invented the concept way back when). All seniors must spar live stick with no protection. Ofcourse, the strikes aren't "full-blast" and in BZ we don't head-hunt so the fingers, arms and torso will take a beating.

    You can not do that kind of training everyday so that's where the padded sticks come in. I often use the Hataw stick with no armour / gloves / etc, etc. A good shot to the hand will want to make you instantly switch and usually slight bruising occurs. Enough to signify it was a good shot but it will let you fight again tomorrow and be wary about being struck again in the same place!

    Phil - sorry to hear about that. When you do get round to ordering again I'll stick a free one in for you to even up the pairs. Please update me on any problems you may have with the sticks.


    Simon -

    Edit - a short vid showing the kind of thing double stick. Not a lot of strikes land in it though - mainly due to the skills of Guros Romy and Gerald.

    I'm sure we'll be doing some more live stick soon so I'll try and get a longer vid of it up on you-tube.

  20. The Phalanx

    The Phalanx FMA's Frank Lucas

    We use protection when sparring with live-stick and padded sticks... Since we go for head shots, we have to... There really aren't any rules on what you can and can't do, just as long as you don't send each other to the emergency room...

    I heard of Hataw sticks and they seem adequte... But I haven't held one yet so idk where my stand is on them... But I really dislike Smak-Stiks... It turns into a pillow fight a lot of times with those because of how it's so soft and the pain is at minimum...

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