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Discussion in 'Gear Talk!' started by variance, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. variance

    variance New Member

    I was wondering if anyone has experience in comparing the different padded sticks on the market.

    So far the ones I'm aware of are:

    Cheapo generic padded - Century I think (15 - 20)
    Lameco - (20 I think)
    SMAK stik - (45 - 49)
    Got stick? - (35)
    Standard Actionflex (39 from a local store)
    "Stiffer" Actionflex (45 at the dogbrothers site)

    getting out of a bad relationship has afforded me a tiny bit of money to burn on the things that interest me most (FMA)

    consequently I've placed orders for 2 SMAK sticks (based on previous reviews Ive read here), 1 Lameco, 1 ATF Got stick? to add to the 2 standard actionflex sticks I currently use for my sparring.

    I had two of the cheapos but they self-destructed a long time ago.

    My question is this.. has anyone else done any comparisons or has experience with different builds of padded stick. or do you make your own?

    I'll put up my review with photos when everything gets in this week.
  2. DonKey

    DonKey New Member

    I use the smak sticks quite a bit and they compare favorably to other brands imo.
  3. James

    James Crescent City Eskrima

    I prefer sof-stx. They are well made and reasonably priced. There are different grades available, but I've had great luck with the thick sticks. I like the ones that are padded on both ends. If you drop the sticks or do disarms and continue to fight, you don't accidentally hit your partner with the hard handle. They have a good weight and are not at all "whippy" like action flex - which I do not like at all.

    I hear smak stick are good, and I'm interested in the new "stiffer" actionflex, but at those prices, I can buy 2 sof-stx, beat the heck out of them, and not feel bad when one gives up the ghost.

  4. variance

    variance New Member

    I thought I had all the padded sticks out there.. and someone brings out one I don't have yet.

    I already took some pictures of them

    but haven't finished my comprehensive testing of each one.

    I'll order some sof-stx for completeness to see how they stack against

    ATF Got Stick?
    SMAK Sticks
    Cheapo Century.

    so far in my early testing.. I'd say ATF Got Stick have the best value and act pretty close to rattan. However the pain quotient using them is quite a bit higher.

    If you put rattan at 10 for pain. ATF Got Stick? is around 5 - 6. Lameco's pain profile is identical to "Got Stick?" I'd rate actionflex at 0 - 1 for being pillows. SMAK is around 3 or 4 in pain

    as for the ones that handle the most like a stick.. ATF Got Stick? and Lameco win follow closely by SMAK. Actionflex rates near the worst for handling only above the century.

    Personally I'd keep SMAK for light to medium and also for people new to FMA.

    So far I'd say
    ATF Got Stick would be for medium to heavy with experienced practitioners... as a broken SMAK stick would cost you a good 40 - 50 dollars to fix. a broken ATF can just have another rattan core inserted into it pretty easily.
  5. Sanjuro-Ronin

    Sanjuro-Ronin New Member

    Thanks for the info !
  6. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    We've been using sof-stx for about a month now and the first set is holding up nicely so far. I've very happy with them and they handle pretty much close to a real stick. I got a couple of their sparring knives as well. I've only used them once, so I can't sayingthing about their durability, but they handle well and, like the sticks, give enough pain to make you go, "Yeah, I just got hit." but not enough to go, "Yeah, I just got hit and won't be training for the next month while I heal."
  7. We have developed our own Padded Stick "The Hataw Stick" due to the Smak Stick breaking a lot of times in tournaments here (Philippines).
    On average we sell our sticks for half the price of smak-sticks (is not hard really, is it?!) and we are just upgrading the fabric to "Ballistic Dernier" too.


    Youtube Video test here:

    Webstore here[​IMG]

  8. yomitche

    yomitche New Member

    I'm kinda intrigued by the Hataw stick... anyone have any input on its quality? Obviously, I'm interested in its ability to endure "endless" training and sparring.

    Also, I have noticed most padded sticks tend to bend around blocks, hitting the blocker where a solid stick wouldn't. Anyone have any input on padded sticks that might not bend?

  9. I'm sending a pair to FMATalk Moderator Phil Mar so hopefully he'll be able to provide the board with some unbiased feedback soon.

    Regarding the original post I also sell the "Generic" padded sticks too. As I am close to the supply I can make them in any length (within reason of course!).

    These sticks are resilient as we use Tumalin rattan not generic rattan finger sticks for the core. We use them for sparring here and have not snapped any.

    However, after a lot of hiting the material will become frayed. Anybody with experience of this sticks will know that they all have a limited life-span. We have changed the stictching to resemble that of a "baseball" and that does a great job of holding together. Maybe in the future I will get them made with the "Ballistic Dernier" too...hmmm. I'll find out the cost tomorrow :)

    A typical deal I would offer is 3 pairs for $55 which includes worldwide shipping.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  10. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    I'm not entirely positive, but I think I've used a couple of these. They look like the padded sticks that Grandmaster Pallen had for sparring. May just be coincidence though.
  11. Maybe as I sell loads through ebay and to my knowledge am the only supplier that has that stiching. Usually they look like this:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The "envelope" style as I call it. Not a lot holding it together
  12. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    That may have been what they looked like. I didn't really get a chance to examine them. I can see the logic behind how the baseball stitching method would hold up better than the other though.
  13. It's just a little tweak. They aint breaking on impact which is good. I'm going to investigate the ballistic dernier option as if I can stop the fraying that will be good. It also gives me an opportunity to go nuts with a sample pair again!
  14. Phil Mar Nadela

    Phil Mar Nadela New Member Supporting Member

    Yikes! Kuya Simon I am not a FMAtalk Moderator! I am only a supporting member. Hopefully i don't give that impression.
    Plus i don't think i can do that job that kuya arnisador and ate Carol does.
    Come to think of it where's Ate Carol Kaur?
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    Carol is on leave at the moment. Arnisador and myself are taking care of things by ourselves at the moment.
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    Salamat for the update Datu Tim. I was worried that She left the forum.
  17. Brock

    Brock Asha'man

    Is this the "extras" you packed in with my Ginuniting? Cuz if so I'm sure Jason will thank you when I test it out.... :whip:
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    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    You and Jason will have a good time with those Brock! [​IMG]
  19. You'll just have to wait and see Brock ;)!

    Sorry Phil, when I was looking at the users names visiting the site yours was in bold. On other forums this usually means a Mod.
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    At least I have something to look forward to... and the fact that Jason will be anticipating a beati... er... I mean some good training.

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