Pacquiao is one dimensional....

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  1. Surprised that there wasn't any threads about the great Pac-Man on here....

    Well, here goes.

    After watching the fight on Saturday / Sunday (Philippines) I read that Mayweather had called him "One Dimensional". It's a good job I wasn't drinking at the time else I'd be shelling out for a new keyboard. Again. Anywho, I just settled in to write a blog post about this outrage and found that somebody had beat me to it.

    So I thought I'd share it with you:

    Interestingly enough, the last fighter to call Pacquiao "One Dimensional" was Ricky Hattan:

    Look what happened to him...:mouth_wat
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    What makes the purses fat? Controvesy. The bigger the hype the fatter the purse.
    Win or lose, it dont matter, the boxers make money either way. George Foreman once said after his comeback fight, "People are laughing at me. But I'm laughing at them, all the way to the bank." It's a win/win situation. Winning the fight just means a bigger bonus and more perks; such as endorsements, tv spots, etc.
  3. True.

    I think both boxers have a great deal of money now. This fight has captured the public's imagination as the winner will surely go down as perhaps the best boxer of his generation. It is also a clash of styles too and I am intrigued that Freddy has said they will change some things up.

    I do love a bit of trash-talk and posturing at weigh in though (a la Mr T in Rocky 2) but Pacquiao isn't like that. He strikes me as coldly professional. If the Mayweathers do get under his skin that will also be good to see.

    If I was Manny I'd win and retire after that fight...
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    In the fight game if it doesn't make dollars it doesn't make sense. This bravado by Floyd is to be expected. He himself knows that it is gut wind, hype, etc. Just as Freddy Roach knows his statement that he has the perfect game plan to beat Floyd is hype. He may very well have that plan, we shall see. But Freddy along with everyone else directly involved is gonna talk smack, except for Manny. Manny is just a nice guy and talks in the ring.

    Boxing is business and in this fight more than any other, we are looking at a potential of over 3 million PPV buys..that is epic. To get to those numbers the pot has to be stirred. The common fan needs to have a reason to buy. What better way to light a fire than talking smack about the fan favorite, in either camp. It is business as usual. Manny knows this.

    This fight will happen but there is going to be so much venom spewed that it will probably be unsavory..leading up to a vicious duel in the ring.

    Now for the fighters and the fight itself:

    Floyd Mayweather is undoubtedly one of the best fighters of this generation or any generation, bar none...BUT so is Manny Pacquiao. In this fight Floyd will not have the luxury of riding the horse and simply pointing his way to a lack luster one sided victory that is as boring as watching paint dry. He will have to fight. never before has Floyd been the slower man..and in this fight he is...he is slower of foot..and equal in hands. It is the footwork IMHO that will be Floyd's biggest obstacle.

    When boxers say they cannot see Manny's punches coming, it isn't because he has lightning hands, NO, it is because his footwork is so fast that it puts him in odd angles where punches come from blind alleys. Watch as manny snaps off 2 or 3 straight right leads...he has the opponent defending for that..he will then step right 45 degrees to unleash the left hand (the enganyo)..Cotto bit on it hard and when Manny popped his back to the left that sharp over hand right dropped him like a sack of potatoes. So the dilemma for Floyd is do you defeat what you can't see, or catch? Answer, there is no answer. Now Floyd counters with his impeccable defense...and it is impeccable against fighters who have no speed and are constantly pursuing an elusive target i.e. Floyd. Manny is far from slow and when he pursues he closes, forcing his opponent to throw..this is the trap.

    Do I believe Manny will get busted up? Yes, absolutely, it is part of the order tog et off what he needs he has to beat the 5" reach and the speed of Floyd...the key lies in the fact that Floyd can't break an egg at 147...

    Prediction...great fight..Manny KO over Floyd in 7....

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