Pacquaio vs Hoya

Discussion in 'The Den' started by daryl510, Dec 2, 2008.

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    No doubt it was a measure of both. De La Hoya was the last hope of the Mexican fighters against Pacquiao (pride), De La Hoya was angry with Pacquiao over a contract dispute between Golden Boy Productions and Top Rank (pride and money), Golden Boy Productions was behind the fight (lots of money), and even the loser walked away with millions in their pocket (even more money).

  2. PG Michael B

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    And then DeLapoyo ran into a buzz saw....he got pummeled...Manny landed 288 punches to DH 55..a nightmare night for the Goldenboy and a trip to the hospital for his trouble. Age hurt Oscar but speed killed him.
  3. Robert Klampfer

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    De La Pollo... :laugh: I don't know about the buzz saw but, he did run into a lot of straight lefts!

    Funny on one hand but, on the other it's really sad that a fighter of his stature went out like that. Sure, the only way he could win was by knockout and it was highly unlikely that he would get it but, there was the chance. He hadn't even been knocked down. Compare that to Erik Morales who had taken a much more severe beating and been knocked down twice in the same round before the fight was stopped.

    This was the second high profile match I've seen recently where I thought the corner was too hasty in throwing in the towel -- Paul Malignaggi's corner threw in the towel during his fight with Ricky Hatton. (Hatton v. Pacquaio. Mmmmm... :mouth_wat) I really hope this isn't going to become a trend among boxing trainers. It's one thing if the ref stops the fight; very much another if it's your own corner.

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    Pacman in my opinion wil break down Hatton quicker than he did Oscar. Hatton is a plodder..comes moving in behind a half ass jab with very limited lateral movement. Pacman throws punches in bunches all with bad intent. If this fight comes off I would go with Pacman in a 7 round ass whooping of epic proportion.

    I want Flloyd jr. to dust his over rated ass off and come get some pacman adobo. personally speaking I think Pacman would bust his ass up quick as snot on a door knob. My only cocnern for Manny is that he doesn't go messing around at 147 and start trying to battle young bad asses like Margarito or Paul Williams.
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    Mm, I'm not sure about that. Hatton is as tough as woodpecker lips and he hits hard. My favor would be to Pacquaio but, I'm thinking it would go the the cards. In any event, I'd really like to see that match.

    I don't know that I'd be too interested in that fight. I'd watch it but, I don't think my heart would quite be in it. Mayweather is too likely to prance around the ring and take things to the cards, like he did with De La Hoya (whom I think should have won that one...). I'd be concerned with him getting the sympathy decision.

    He's already said that he's not interested in going to 147. In fact, he said he's going back down in weight.

  6. As I remarked to my wife on Sunday,

    I hope that the Hatton v Pacman fight comes off. I also think that Pac-Man will win as his footwork and hand-speed are amazing. Can't see Hatton quitting on his stool somehow and at least he will go to fight.

    It was horrible watching the replay on Filipino TV. First we already knew who won as my wife had text messages from various people. Then they played the fight but took ten-minute breaks inbetween each 3-minute round. And when the action did resume for the first 1.5 minutes they played the sponsors graphics over the last 1/4 of the screen so it was impossible to watch Pac-Man's feet :(
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    I gotta agree that Oscar was waaay behind the speed curve in this match, and also add Manny's superb use of footwork and positioning during the fight and the outcome was quite clear. Also, another thing that I have noticed is that Manny's use of non-telegraphing striking was a textbook example of what it should be. I mean, how many people have you seen previously fire those crosses without first preparing for them via combos or anything? Just straight BAM on the spot...
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    Dela Hoya's actions reminded me of the fight between Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran. Roberto said "No Mas" after the beating he took from Sugar Ray, and it appeared to me that Dela Hoya's corner pretty much was following the trend of saying no more when they are getting their tails blasted.

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