PACIFIC ISLAND SHOWDOWN - Ultimate Full-Contact Stickfighting Championship

Discussion in 'Tournaments' started by RHC Chaz, Jul 19, 2006.

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    Tony if you can get online go to YouTube and type in Pacific Island Showdown Rob did an excellent job on putting it on the internet.

    Kudos Brother Rob,

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    Thanks Greg, Im just trying to promote FMA in Hawaii. I didnt think that cameras would be allowed at the Del Mar tournament or else I would be posting that too.
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    Pacific Island Showdown Part II

    All on Channel 52

    1/23/07 9:00am
    1/30/07 4:00pm
    2/20/07 10:30pm
    2/27/07 10:30pm
    All times are in Hawaii Standard Time.
    Follow the link to for streamining video.
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    Hey guys, hows everything going? Hows the preparations for this years tournament going? I know GM Takahashi mentioned players from the mainland attending, how is that coming along? Hope to see more of the local schools competing.
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