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Discussion in 'Tournaments' started by NAGA, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. NAGA

    NAGA Member

    Hello All,
    I am proud to announce that the Pacific Island Gathering for 2011 will be held the weekend of June the 11th. This is a Saturday event. It also happens to be the weekend of the offical independence day of the Philipines(June 12th). It will be held again this year at Midway Kodenkan 5159 S. Archer ave.. in Chicago.......

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  2. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    Hey John,

    I hope it keeps on continuing to grow and that it is really successful in 2011!
  3. New2FMA

    New2FMA New Member

    Looking forward to it!
    Hopefully Saturday will make it a little easyer on you, the staff of peole working and all attending.
  4. yomitche

    yomitche New Member

    Out of curiosity, what are the divisions for the event? Specifically, I trust there will be a padded stick division, but how about live stick? Thank you!
  5. Navadisha

    Navadisha New Member

    I was hoping John would jump in here but I know he sometimes has limited internet access and may have missed this. So, I'll jump in for him.

    The divisions for this year are Sayaw, Continuous Sword(padded stick), Espada y Daga (padded stick and knife), and Combat Knife. Stop point padded knife has been removed for time considerations.
    There were discussions of including some live stick but at this time it was decided not to.
    With moving to the one day format, the organizers want to make sure they still allow time to complete all the current divisions in a timely manner as well as stay true to the theme of blade based competition.

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  6. littlebadboy

    littlebadboy Junior Member

    Silly question... what kind of padded sticks do you use?
  7. James Miller

    James Miller Member Supporting Member


    Pacific Island tournament rules

    Sword rules padded stick fighting

    Scoring with be First Blood, blade rules considering execution of bladed combat and techniques. Judges will give priority to strikes demonstrating cutting or stabbing techniques and power while using accuracy, defense, aggressiveness, ring control and strategy. Offence with a lack of defense will be scored negatively. Action/Scoring will be continuous and will only be stopped by the referee for clashes or avoidance of action by one fighter. Fights will not be paused to call for scores.
    Fights will be (3) 45 second rounds with 20sec breaks and judges will score each round independently based on 10pt must system; the judges must give the winner of a round 10 points, and the loser 9 points or fewer. A judge may occasionally award a 10 - 8 score if the round's winner is obviously dominating the other fighter. If the fight progresses through all scheduled rounds, the sum of the scores for each round are tallied for each judge to determine the winner of the match. If unable to continue the fight before that number of rounds has been fought, the fight is ruled a "no contest." If a fighter loses points by committing fouls, or a round is judged as without a clear winner, this may result in awarding an equal number of points to each fighter, so even with an odd number of rounds and an odd number of judges, draws are possible. Each foul costs one round point, and is determined by the referee and deducted from their score at the end of the round. In the advent of a draw score a 20 second overtime round will be held and judges will give a show of hands for the winner.

    Primary targets:
    · Top, front and sides of the helmet (Thrusts to the head or neck are prohibited and may result in disqualification)
    · Front and sides of the thigh and body
    · Both arms and hands
    Prohibited techniques

    • Punching, kicking or kneeing
    • Grappling or wrestling
    • Trusting to the face or neck
    • Throws or sweeps
    • Locks or holding
    • Foul or abusive language.
    • Punyo (butt) strikes with the weapon
    • Strikes to the knees or below
    Witiks, Saltiks or Abaniko strikes are legal but are regarded as set-up techniques and do not by themselves score as this is a blade scoring system using the cutting edge of the weapon. Any power/primary technique delivered successfully after the strategic use of the witik will be scored.
    Strikes from one knee are allowed
    Counter-strikes – Any counter strike delivered after receiving a point strike will receive less consideration. Any successful counter strike delivered after an equally successful parry, block or defensive evasion will be definitely scored and encouraged.
    Jamming/checking with the free hand/forearm or weapon hand is allowed. Checking is defined as controlling by interception the opponent’s weapon hand, arm or torso. Any check that comes in contact with the opponent’s weapon will be considered a cut and the opponent will be scored positively. This is to be considered a live blade.
    Disarms must be immediate. Only impact strikes and leverage disarms using the wrist, arm, weapon and handgrips will be allowed. Any disarm caused by grabbing and pulling the opponent’s weapon by the blade will be considered scoring for the opponent. Participants abusing the instant disarm rule by continuing to tug-of-war for a disarm will be warned and potentially penalized. Joints may not be locked or twisted for a disarm. Disarms will be considered by the judge as part of the 10-9 score for the round.
    Loss of weapon due to the successful execution of a powerful attack or counter attack is not considered as a disarm. The disarm must be caused by the opponent. If the opponents strike is blocked and the block becomes disarmed, this is a disarm but you cannot disarm yourself.
    Broken weapons(s) are not considered disarms. Time will be stopped and the weapon replaced.
    Out of bounds. Participants must remain within the boundaries of the designated ring. Repeated out of bounds or using the out of bounds to avoid the fight will result in a point deduction for the current round after two warnings have been given. Both feet must be out to be considered out of bounds. A fighter cannot score a point when one or both feet are out of bounds.
    The Referee will monitor the general progress of the match. He will determine the observance and adherence to the rules, the legitimacy of disarms and all point deductions for any foul or behavior.
    For each foul, the referee may progressively issue at his discretion:

    • A casual warning
    • An official warning
    • A point deduction, generally after two official warnings
    • Disqualification
    If foul is severe enough, the referee can skip to any level.

    Safety gear All competitors should provide personal safety gear such as cups (mandatory), Bra cups, helmet (WEKAF style) and hand protection (hockey, lacrosse, ect). If the competitor does not have helmet or gloves, they will be provided. Personal weapons will not be allowed, only those provided by the tournament host. Additional gear such as knee or elbow is allowed but discouraged to foster reality of combat. No street shoes are allowed on the mats. Mat shoes allowed with host approval

    Arbitration – a duly agreed upon arbitrator will have final decision on all disagreements. Inquiries MUST be made before any other match in the relevant division continues. Placements are final at the end of the tournament.
  8. James Miller

    James Miller Member Supporting Member

    The new sticks being used this year are Action-Flex Hit Sticks. Datu Hartman will have them available at the tournament. If you would like to get then before the event you can reach the Datu at or 716-675-0899.
  9. littlebadboy

    littlebadboy Junior Member

    So, we need to have our own padded sticks?
  10. Navadisha

    Navadisha New Member

    No, John will have sticks available.

    James was just stating if you wanted to have specific practice with the same padded sticks being used you could purchase your own for practice in advance.
  11. littlebadboy

    littlebadboy Junior Member

    Got it! Thanks for the info!

    Same as before, I am not sure how to train to compete because I am only by myself. If I will not be able to join, I would love to come as a spectator. Are the fees already decided and available?
  12. SomethingClever

    SomethingClever New Member

    What's the deal with registration?
  13. LegendLoLo

    LegendLoLo New Member

    I would like to see those padded stick of yours.

    We use Livestick that is covered with Bicycle foam =))
  14. Navadisha

    Navadisha New Member

    Spoke with John last night.
    Registration will be from 8AM to 9:15 with the tournament starting at 9:30 am sharp (you kno, no pilipino time).
    Fees are holding steady at same rates as past two years.
    First event $35, each additional event + $5 with combat knife being an additional $5 for materials (white t shirt). I also spoke with Chris regarding prizes for Combat Knife and they are being made this week.
    Spectator fee is also just $5.
  15. Navadisha

    Navadisha New Member

    Less than one month and counting. Hope everyone is as prepared and excited as our teams are!!
  16. LegendLoLo

    LegendLoLo New Member

    " you kno, no pilipino time"

    IM QUITE FRUSTRATED COZ IM A FILIPINO, yet its true. hahaha!
  17. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    sitting in my little covy hole in Michigan currently reading this and kicking my self in the ass for not being able to be there. Missing this even by 2 weeks really is pissing me off, but I have to get back to the isle of thieves to pay for this trip. I am talking to one of the fma practitioners I work with to try and get something going for the celebration on guam. Will see everyone on the flip side or if I can get down to Kodenkan this week, will rattle the cages of the head guerrillas
  18. NAGA

    NAGA Member

    Bring your A Game...

    Hello All,
    Ten short days and counting! So, show up early and remember we do not accept checks the day of the tournment.

  19. Navadisha

    Navadisha New Member

    Woo hoo! Two days left.
    The Navadisha crews will be rolling in Friday night and early Saturday morning!
    Several new fighters this year!
  20. SomethingClever

    SomethingClever New Member

    Are there any qualms about bringing recording devices? I plan on showing up and bringing my Bloggie, for educational purposes and because it's the first FMA tourney i'll be attending.

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