P. Greg Alland, longest devoted Kali Silat Student of Pekiti Tirsia

Discussion in 'Pekiti-Tirsia Kali' started by MasterKaliSilat, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. Dustin_Etan

    Dustin_Etan New Member

    My views on Gregs comments about Tim Waid not holding on to his stick.

    I believe that the point Greg was making is that he is still developing in his art, regardless of the fact that he is being shunned by others. That he is able to disarm many stick players. I have witnessed it myself.

    Being the controversial figure that Greg is... he is being entertaining in his own way and also calling attention to himself. He creates controversy by these statements... and then sees what response there is? perhaps

    I would imagine that Greg feels left out these days...and after much of the groundwork that he helped to pave with the Filipino and Indonesian Arts in the beginning. Way before most of us knew anything about this, Greg was Very Very Active and took it upon himself to help lead the way to promote these arts.

    Maybe sometimes it isn't appreciated...the way he does his thing, but
    Greg really is a nice guy and means no harm to anyone...He has stated that many times, and in many ways, when we had conversed.

    Greg does have some impressive skills and development nontheless.
  2. langgaw

    langgaw New Member

    Dustin ETan................... very well said sir. Greg deserves more than being ridiculed and put down in many different words. He has promoted FMA the best way he could long before some of us here have developed interest in any of the different styles of FMA. What ever he has done to offend anyone, he deserves some respect especially from those who came after him. It seems the new ones are the more aggressivee in pointing out his misdoings. He has never (as far as I have gathered from friends) said anything against GT and when he wrote something about ............come to VA beach and learn from me stc.... he was actually promoting PTK. H e used an effective ad to promote himself and the art..............a challenge to the new readers. However the reactions of some PTK peeps were based on the literal announcement of Greg. I have seen and watched Greg personaly but was never introduced to him in person. He is livelier than most instructors and always injects humor into what ever he teaches similar to how he presented himself here. The problem with these new comers is they take by heart what he wrote in his advertising note................that is why I said "poor guy etc " and then some mouths react without knowing and without hesitation too. I wonder if they are as good as what they seem to be. Greg is a fine gentlemen in his own right.
  3. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    On this positive note, I think I will close this thread for a while. I believe it has run its course. If another matter involving Mr. Alland arises, feel free to start a new thread.

    -FMAT Admin
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