P. Greg Alland, longest devoted Kali Silat Student of Pekiti Tirsia

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  1. Gred Alland good things he had done but we don't know what are the bad things he had done.

    First Greg Alland as a person is very hard working person. When he was in New York City, he worked hard to promote the FMA as a pioneering student at the same time as a technical man of his brothers business in New York City.He had The burning desire to be good and to be recognized as skilled in his own way of doing things. He is very innovative in tune to his way of thinking. He is ambitious and very promising if he had done things right in the beginning.He is very flowery in his Sina Tirsiawali and it is very impressive when you hear the Cobra makes the angry sound.

    Greg has the skill to transfer his weapon to silat and silat to the stick we called that Sinatirsiawali. Meaning Greg is the real Master of Sinatirsiawali.

    But out of my admiration Greg can recover some of the negative impressions on him if he comes to the Philippines and join the Test of Skill at least at his age he can still show to the world that he can kick ass and I vouch for his bravery and courage as the real Greg Alland. Let us not put the man down, he is on the top of the world Titled " FEAR NO MAN ON Earth"
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  2. arnisador

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    He did compete in a stick-fighting tournament in the Phil. many years ago, didn't he?
  3. Brock

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    Hey, like you said, this forum is about sharing knowledge. You belong in whatever part of the forum you can make an intellegent comment in.
  4. Pekiti-Tirsia have a standard in ratings the student based on the old traditions. When a rank is given to a person who is considered as a warrior, he must have accomplished a special mission to the gratification of the chieftain or if he is a General of Napoleon Bonaparte's Army he had accomplished the mission with less casualty among his men.

    In the kali tradition, your ranking is not the thing that you have done that you deserve a rank, A rank is given to you as an incentive for you to work in reaching the standard as Guro and it requires years of hard labor and you must prove that you are a Guro, if no accomplishment the title as a Guro is remove in front of your students in the presence of the people in the community.

    There is goal for one to reach according to the title . If the title is Mandala , one must work way up to meet the standard of MANDALA if no progress, the title turn to self-destruct.

    After I left New York City in 1982 when I moved to Texas, Pekiti-Tirsia in New York City were concentrated to only the few and although that Greg Alland had his random traning, he went his way to Doce Paris to seek for greener pasture. So I only recognized the efforts tthat is compensatory to my expectations.On how Greg Alland classify himself in terms of teaching it is up to the students to evaluate Greg Alland. He can teach like a whispering snake or a roaring Lion then he is a good escrimador.
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  5. 1979 tournament

    greg alland had finish the tournament in cebu while
    he got stomach ache on bed. email if finish the tournament in cebu
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    Greg alland was spreading this message tru all forums:
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    So wazzup?!
  8. Letter to Greg Alland

    For Greg's freedom to do what he wants to do I diplomatically grant him the opportunity to form his Sinatirsiawali under my blessings with the purpose that he should not teach Pekiti-tirsia because he cannot be profound in his teachings the fact he cannot follow the correct way how the teaching procedures are done. He does his own version contrary to the methods and without my permission he start producing tapes and selling them, the training and seminars without my knowledge. I tried to bring Greg to an education of teaching martial arts in a professiional way but he is not consistent in the things he does. From Pekiti-Tirsia he jumped to Doce Pares and from Doce Pares he goes again and loolk for something else. So how can you make this man a Professional. Of the many Seniors in New York nobody is his close friend who can work with him. Even those he tried to teach will not last long with him. So it is true that I give him the opportunity to have his own system so he can be independent without causing heartaches for the people that he dealt with. Now he said that the PTK guys cannot hold their sticks, he makes everybody mad at him now because he cannot and had not experience a full contat sparring and yet he condemn the fighters that they cannot hold the stick.So Greg Welcome to the new world of TEST OF SKill , the guys are waiting for you in the Philippines on Feb. 5-15. There is Michael FRanciotti , Timothy Waid, ERic Knaus, Philip Gelinas , maybe your best body Billy Mc Grath will go to the Philippines just for you. These are all brotherly gesture as a renewal of the good time in the past. They say that to be good friends again, to fight is necessary after the fight is true friendship. Each one respect each others for the right mental attitude.
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    "Hey everybody I am back in the saddle again. Looking forward for some more verbal sparring. How about you Langgaw (P. Greg Alland)? I I do have a life outside FMATalk. Besides my training time is 6 hours daily, 9 hours on Friday. Not including tire training for 2 hours minimum and a 2 hour run. I am also in real estate. Sounds like you are jealous.

    Don't feel sorry for me, you need to look into the mirror to feel sorry for something. .025 "

    Hi guys,
    When I said "poor guy" I was refering to Greg Allend , not you. I find you a very aggressive person to argue with. Like someone who can not go wrong. You know a little humility will help even in your real estate career. and jealous? nahhhhhhhhh. I have what I wanted in life and one you dont have. I practice FMA which is the best in the world. I have enough to go around in comfort. You said you have a life? your training is too much. Just a waste of time and energy. That is not a life , that is abuse to your body. I train only 2 hours everyother day and the rest of it goes to reading and doing what ordinary working class do. I only know very few techniques but the most lethal and effective ones. I do not know the many techniques shown in demos and shows. In fact I think you know alot more than I do. I can not even do the sinawali in a fluid perfect and fast way but this much I can do -I know exactly when and where to mess up the sinawali (the timing in attack) and do the usual follow up that all FMAers do. I believe the Grand Tuhon knows that but have never shown it ever since. Bisaya man na bay. Now that I feel sorry for you. I was taught to learn ONLY what is useful, period. All those fancy moves and posings does not work for me because I dont like it and is useless in real danger. Also I can act like almost on the verge of crying and then engage when least expected thus getting the upper hand. I bet your teachers never taught you that or to cry. They teach you to train and train but I believe they taught you not to train too muchand maybe you missed that part of the teaching. Now that I feel very sorry for you. Just a freindly verbal jab.
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    "Hey everybody I am back in the saddle again. Looking forward for some more verbal sparring. How about you Langgaw (P. Greg Alland)? I I do have a life outside FMATalk. Besides my training time is 6 hours daily, 9 hours on Friday. Not including tire training for 2 hours minimum and a 2 hour run. I am also in real estate. Sounds like you are jealous.

    Don't feel sorry for me, you need to look into the mirror to feel sorry for something. .025 "

    Langgaw, first of all I am somewhat aggressive however feel free to argue with me all you like. If you can back up what you say that's fine, but don't say things just to get a rise out of people without validating yourself. If you can prove me wrong I have no problem with that we are all here to learn but not to be decieved. That's what discussion and debate is all about. We can agree to disagree. Second, I am a very humble person. But when I know something to be untrue I will aggressively challange the source of the untruth. I enjoy my training and I enjoy teaching FMA to many students. We do have something in common about learning what is ONLY useful. (What is useful for one may not be useful on another PERIOD). So cry all you like learn to cry all you like, I hope you don't close your eyes when you do. Deception is a very good thing to learn and to utilize within your sparring practice. Training is never a waste of time and energy, I train hard because that is the way I've always trained, (give one hundred percent always). There is a saying that I go by, FIGHT AS YOU TRAIN AND TRAIN AS YOU FIGHT.

    As far as the POOR GUY remark, my bad for assuming that you were talking about me on that particular point, however I wasn't the only one that thought that. (Bad on me).
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    langgaw I see that you are in the California. GrandTuhon Gaje wil be in San Jose September 22 and 23 for seminar. I am extending an invitation for you to come and experience what Pekiti-Tirsia Kali is all about. If you can get up here I will make sure that there will be no charge for your attendance. Not a challenge here, I just want you to experience what PTK is all about. You might like it. One never knows.
  12. langgaw

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    although I am a nobody, I can personaly say this gesture is a mark of a good teacher. A master in the art of personal relations.
  13. langgaw

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    Franci1911. thanks for the invitation especially the free of charge. PTK is never for me and I dont need to experience it. I am quite comfortable with the little Eskrima that I know. I like PTK as much as I like other FMA styles / systems. All are deadly and no doubt effective. I have seen PTK in action and the mindset of its practitioners - masterful and kuyaw kaayo but as I said sometime ago, it is in the individual, not in the style. I will try to find time for this invitation God willing. I will be the asian guy with the broken/crooked right thumb.
  14. franci1911

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    langgaw you are always welcome here. Please come if you can.

    The asian guy with the broken/crooked right thumb. I have several students that fit that description. But I am sure I'll figure it as who you are.
  15. Bisaya hindi tatakas

    Kamusta diha bay, matay na pakig itikay kamo diha. Ma-o guad na medio mag du-wa duwa ginagmay. Na-a ka dinha sa California , adto ka sa seminar ko sa San Jose para medio masadya didto . Daghan mga filipino nga gusto guid ma toto. Ok lang diyan.

    Sige Bay

    Gt Gaje
  16. Ventura

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    Great maybe we can call you "Puss in Boots" instead! LOL :biggrinbo

    Whew! I thought you were going to say that you're the man with 6 fingers.
  17. langgaw

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    yeah, funny someone called me that a long time ago but it did not work 'cause I am kind of brown and pug nose and I prefer langgaw (fly) wrong spelling pa nga eh. and my thumb was what I deserve for misbehaving. The last segment is permanently bent (embarrasing but all the better to hold the pinuti or stick) . in my case I can not be disarmed, I can only be [​IMG]dis-thumb[​IMG][​IMG]

    GrandTuhon, akon piliton mokadto ko da. Karon lapoy pa ko. Nasakit man do sa biyahi bay.Lingaw ko kaayo ng dua-ua kay mga bogoy man ta sa carbon niadto. I am sure everyboby is looking forward to the seminar. Ayo-ayo lang.
  18. Ventura

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    I don't think anyone deserves getting permanently disfigured. You guys are too hardcore! :sword2:
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    Wow, Greg has bigger balls them Batman to go after Tuhon's own forum. If anything will get him to respond it will be me. I seem to be the Bain of Greg's existence.

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    Admin. Note:

    For clarification: This FMATalk.com forum is intended for all practitioners of the FMAs who wish to discuss Pekiti-Tirsia. It is the property of Tim Hartman.

    -FMAT Admin
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