P. Greg Alland, longest devoted Kali Silat Student of Pekiti Tirsia

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  1. MasterKaliSilat

    MasterKaliSilat New Member

    I am not the first student of Tuhon Gaje, Jr. but I have longevity of any of the Pekiti Tirsia group, save for Tuhon Gaje, Jr. himself. I met Turhon Gaje, Jr. at the Jersey City Medical Center in 1972. After meeting again with many of the students in Pekiti Tirsia, including Guru Master Tim Waid, I was curious as to why many of Pekiti Tirsia's students can not hold on to their stick. If you'd like to know too, please be my guest at our class in Virginia Beach, any Saturday at 8:am or Tuesday at 7:pm at the HYBRID ACADEMY of MIXED MARTIAL ARTS 5476 Virginia Beach Blvd. Va. Beach, VA 23462.

    As a matter of fact Guru Tim invited me to Texas as I was his first instructor in Pekiti Tirsia, of course after meeting Tuhon, like many of my students, they continue to train with the master. Reason: A real master seeks knowledge always, as did Tuhon, even to this day, and it's the reason Pekiti Tirsia is always evolving. But the reality is the same, after 34 years and still training it's really simply this, "It doesn't matter the way your practice, it doesn't matter what you practice! It only matters can you stop me or can I stop you, no matter what."

    So if you really want to learn Pekiti Tirsia, come to Virginia Beach, we run a 5 day intensive program from twice yearly, and this is our 5th year, every September and March - Go to PekitiTirisia.com for the real answers and perhaps find out why so many Kali Silat players can't hold a stick to Pekiti Tirsia, in our club Tuhon named our ways of practice as SinaTirsiaWali, after Turhon visited Cebu back in 1989, when everyone was still talking about me two years after I left when Tuhon called me in 1993, when I opened a school in New York City.

    The real Pekiti Tirsia continues to thrive from examination of what you do, not what I do. Practice hard, never quit. regards P. Greg Alland, Master - signed sealed and presented to me by Tuhon Gaje, Jr. 1996, in Bago City, Philippines. After twelve trips to the Philippines, I'll even show you why you have to visit there. regards P. Greg Alland
  2. Greg,

    In 1981 I participated in, and won (with Mia Wolfe and Felix Cortez) the novice level at the United Nations Tournament in November of that year. You were the cameraman for that event. Do you still have this on film or video anywhere?

    Thank you.

    Mandala Tuhon Philip Gelinas
    Pekiti Tirsia Kali
  3. nosyac

    nosyac New Member

    P. Greg Alland, longest devoted Kali Silat Student of Pekiti Tirsia --- wow, congratulations... :lookaroun
  4. abdon

    abdon New Member

    Mr. Alland, aren't you involved with "Dekiti-Tirsia Kali"? I am just curious.

  5. PeteNerd

    PeteNerd Member

    DoceDekitiSinaTirsiaWaliPares... I think that's the official name.

  6. abdon

    abdon New Member

    Are you serious????? Can't be....:FRlol::laugh:

  7. Silentblade

    Silentblade New Member

  8. nosyac

    nosyac New Member

    the hidden coward of the first arnis escrima tournament

    I have been attending the seminat in Pekiti-Tirsia and now I am a pekiti-Tirsia. I know the history of the first tournement in Cebu in 1979. Greg
    Alland and Tom Bisio was in Cebu Ciy to attend the first FMA tournament sponsored by the National Arnis Tournament in the Philippines attended by many many styles of Arnis/Escrima . I know who won the Grand champion Tom Bisio and we know who hide in the Hotel pretending with stomack ache because he chicken out in the tournament.Now he claims that he is Pekiti-Tirsia.I don't want to learn from someone who is is a coward.Good luck if you join become an instructor for two weeks buying the title. If I want to study PTK I will go to Tuhon Gaje for I know who he has produced- Including YOU! But the question is WHO HAVE YOU PRODUCED? Anyone can make sound effects when flowing with the stick- I am not impressed.

    p.s. This is Tuhon's own words... i'm in detroit seminar. Ty.
  9. How Good is Greg Alland asked by those who read on Greg Alland's material. All of the originals in New York City Pekiti-Tirsia training. Greg Alland always made excuses not to attend the sparring session. He is not pure Pekiti-Tirsia, he is more of Doce Pares, Silat and mixed with so many things. Claiming that is the longest student of Pekiti-Tirsia is a lie, Michael Franciotti is the longest until now. What happened in Cebu during the first tournament , Greg Alland was shouting before the tournament because he was dispising the rules of the tournament, then he claimed he had stomack ache but actually he chicken out and he went to the hotel pretending of stomack problem.

    As a student Greg Alland will make his style and claimed to Pekiti-Tirsia
    If you want to study under him then I say good luck.

    Good luck
  10. odalisay

    odalisay Member

    What is done in the dark is always brought to the light! OUCH!:moon:
  11. Gilla

    Gilla -== Banned ==-

    save your time

    I see a big diffrence between what Mr. Alland teaches and what Tuhon Leo does ,so don't compare! As learning the real art the only thing i have heard all the elders of PTK say is all your students who came to them had to be retrained. I myself attened 2 of your classes in the east village and was very disapointed.
  12. odalisay

    odalisay Member

    Yeah! My teacher Guro Mike Franciotti is the real " longest devoted Kali Silat student of Pekiti Tirsia"!:biggrinbo
  13. Carol

    Carol <font color = blue><b>Technical Administrator</b><

    Never thought I'd see Michael Franciotti described as a "Kali Silat" student... ;)
  14. 408kali

    408kali Member

  15. Mandirigma

    Mandirigma New Member

    Hey 408Serrada,

    Are you lost?This is Pekiti Tersia, The Serrada guys are over there!!!!

    see ya at practice;)
  16. 408kali

    408kali Member

    :D I'm found brother, found!!! Right on see you there!
  17. franci1911

    franci1911 Member

    P. Greg Alland, longest absentee Kali Silat Student of Pekiti Tirsia

    Well Greg as I see it, your idea of longevity with Gran Tuhon Gaje and Pekiti Tirsia is delusional best. I have not seen you at any Pekiti Tirsia function in many years. I haven't seen you in any tournament as a competitor of Pekiti Tirsia. And I have never seen you spar in practice save simple drills. You have been out of mind, sight and body in Pekiti Tirsia for so many years.

    To say that many Pekiti Tirsia students including Mandala Tim Waid can not hold onto their sticks. That statement is out of line. Well, first to make that statement you should know how to fight as wll as have the courage to fight, not just drill. If you do not spar and fight in you training in Pekiti Tirsia you will not last long with the system.

    Any dedicated hard working student of the Filipino Fighting Arts in particular Pekiti Tirsia Kali will always be seeking knowledge. A true master not only seeks knowledge but developes and perfects it.

    Before you say, "it doesn't matter the way your practice, it doesn't matter what you practice! It only matters can you stop me or can I stop you, not matter what."

    I differ in that statement I believe that it does matter how, why, what you practice.


    Are you practicing just for sport?
    Are you practicing just for exercise?
    Are you practicing just for Tournament?
    Are you practicing for survival?
    How much time, minutes, hours, days and years, are you putting into your training?
    Are you only working out during regular class and doing nothing in between?
    Are you putting time in hitting tire?
    Are you mentally putting yourself into the fight when you are training?
    Are you sparring enough to know what techniques work for you and what doesn't?
    Are you showing respect, dedication and keeping the training pure to the system?

    So you say here that you can teach system of Pekiti Tirsia with only 10 days out of the year, (WHATEVER). You also began this post by putting down Pekiti Tirsia Students by stating that most of them can't hold onto their sticks. And now you state find out why so many Kali Silat players can't hold a stick to Pekiti Tirsia. You haven't been Pekiti Tisia for so many years. You are contradicting yourself here Greg. If anyone really wants the answers go onto PT-GO.com to locate verified instructor there to find the truth.

    Greg it has been a long time since we have seen each other! I think that it is about time we re-kindle old aquaintences and have a friendly sparring session.

    Here, Greg you know that the Master Certificate was ill-gotten received by deception. It is time to stop living a lie. If anyone wants to know the truth about the certificate please contact me.
  18. still lurking

    still lurking New Member

    I think Greg should just make the rounds and prove to everyone what he's accusing them of.

    Talk is cheap.
  19. pinoyboxer

    pinoyboxer Guest

    I think that Greg Alland is from the school of "No such thing as bad publicity." Just look at all the press he's getting here...
  20. franci1911

    franci1911 Member

    Exactly correct Still Lurking talk is cheap. When has Greg Alland ever addressed his accusations in public or is his talent merely behind the mighty pen. Greg is good for a posed demo or drill. But it ends there.

    As for good or bad publicity it doesn't matter the facts need to be told.

    As a student Greg Alland will make his style and claimed to Pekiti-Tirsia
    If you want to study under him then I say good luck. Quoted from GrandTuhon Gaje jr.
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