Outdoor Tire Dummy Plans/Instructions?

Discussion in 'General' started by K Williams, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. K Williams

    K Williams New Member

    Does anyone have any instructions, including hardware needed, to build a tire dummy that will stay outside exposed to the weather? Thanks.
  2. Greg Jah

    Greg Jah New Member

    Hi K,

    I built picked up an old tire for free from a tire replacement place, and suspended it from an i-bolt in my garage. I can raise & lower it so the car gets under it. Because it's indoors I can use it year round (I live in the midwest, where it can sometimes get too frosty to train outdoors). Total cost was less than 10$. What I like about this is the tire will swing when you hit it, which forces you to work on footwork too.

    I haven't built an outdoor tire dummy. YouTube has tons of videos of different outdoor tire dummies (some stacked around poles, some lashed to trees) with people working out on them. They look very simple to make. Three beams sunk into the ground in a triangle with tires stacked around the outside would be easy to make. Just make sure the wood is treated for outdoor use.

    Good luck!


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