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  1. I am saying hello to everyone and thank you for allowing me to become a member to your community.
    I am the instructor for American Knives and for USA Bando.

    Currently I am in the most difficult battle of my life which is much tougher than any family or martial system training I have endured over the last 49 years. However I have decided to re-appear and will be offering training hopefully by December should all go well the next 2 months.

    K. Edward Martin
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    Welcome! I've attended several seminars by Dr. Gyi.

    What is American Knives?
  3. What is American Knives

    Starting around 1957 or 58 my great uncle Ray Llewellyn started teaching me about knives, especally butcher types, corn cutters and long blades to cut whale blubber in the barn and coal shed. Ray was a World War 1 veteran and he was taught many various knife fighting skills by his uncles - cousins and great uncles all whom had been in the Civil War between the States. In addition Ray also was also taught knife fighting skills by other elders from the Llewellyn clan who came and settled in Southeastern Ohio around the 1830's.
    After years with my great uncle and being in the American Bando system I devised my own style and system called American Knives.
    Kevin Martin
  4. Brock

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    Interesting. I wouln't mind seeing some of that.
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    I remember reading about the system a while ago on web site. If I remember correctly, it was rather physically demanding training. with the advance of web-based broadcasters of youtube type, maybe we could have a little glimpse into it?
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    Welcome and God Bless you in your battle.
  7. Brock

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    My thoughts exactly!
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    Good luck to you in your struggle. I live near the Burmese border in Thailand. Have you ever travelled in this area?

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