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    I also study Okinawan karate and kenpo.
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    You can see how tv programs effect one person's view on real life by the lower quote.. As stated by Shaun and PG Mike, the realism is now when it comes to an attack on an individual.. In the field of law enforcement and security, the action that we respond to most is that of what went down right then and there, not planned out because majority of the time, the planning phase deteriorates in the time it takes to get things to line up and getting it done.. Mr. Murphy has a tendency to make the best laid plans go south for the winter, irregardless of how much time is spent planning the event... The planning aspect is also what gets people caught because of the inclusion of people to get hired by going blindly and hiring some one to do the job, then lets their bird dog mouth over load their humming bird *** because of the lack of intestinal fortitude to do the job themselves.. There have been documented cases where the alleged "hitman" was an undercover cop or a confidential informant and is on the payroll of some police officer or agency to pass along information just to stay out of jail...

    In the real world of today, the acts of violence are not planned, they happen just because someone went off the deep end and had an opportunity to inflict damage to an individual or group of people..

    Remember, those of us who wear the blue run toward the problem not away from it...

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    TV??? Put it this way...

    You get into a fight with someone... He pulls a knife on you and charges you with it... You're screwed no matter what... Why??? Either he kills you... Or if you survive, you're all gutted up... Or even if you get to beat him up without a scratch on yourself and the guy is messed up cause you turn his own knife on himself or if you beat the guy to a pulp cause of you're training or even kill him... You better have a good defense to the jury... Good luck going in an out of court trying to convince 12 people of your actions... So you take MA, that's another argument that's going to go against you as well... Oh yeah, it's happened... I watch the news...

    You get screwed one way or another...

    So you wear the blue uniform... What if I just killed or cut someone or beat them to a pulp cause they tried to pull a knife on me... Am I arrested or not? Of course I am... You gonna let a guy go home after he just killed or seriously hurt someone?

    Running away from the scene is not wise either after seriously hurting someone... Now you're a wanted man...

    So you're either killed, cut up, in jail, or both... Sound like a win/win situation to you?

    Like what I said in another post... The best self-defense I learned is to not point too much attention to yourself... Keep quiet and to avoid toruble areas as much as possible...

    So why am I taking FMA? Self-defense and to push myself how far I can go with it... But the best self-defense is to avoid trouble by not going into trouble areas... I hope to God that I don't even have to use it for self-defense... I don't like courtrooms...
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    The point of my remark is to prove that stuff happens no matter if it is planned or not.. If you beat the hell out of a guy because he pulled a blade on you, chances are you will be pulled into court as a result of him filing a lawsuit against you.. One of the people I respect in the world of bladed arts says you will have to have a minimum of 20K in your pocket to prove your use of self defense if you are pulled in as a result of this law suit I mentioned above..

    It is a common thought of not to draw attention to yourself, that's a give me when you are on the street.. If you go around shuffling your feet with your head down and not observing the events around you, you are a sheep possibly being set up for slaughter at some point in your life.. But if you make eye contact with the individuals and are aware of the surroundings around you, you are less likely to be mugged as you present your self as a hard target....

    Yes, I wear the blue uniform and therefore am a little more street wise as a result of my training prior and during my time as a cop.. I'm a realist, not an individual who tries to lead the life of walter mitty and day dreams about how to fight against the hordes of street criminals while sitting in my office cubicle.. I am more prone to face a knife or any other type of weapon as a result of the calls and situations that I face.. How many times have you responded to a knifing or a call of a weapon being brandished in a situation? I have responded to all kinds of these calls up and including a domestic violence call by a spouse who's husband was just back from the sand box and was special ops trained.. He had a total of 15 different firearms that we didn't have an idea of what was in the house and when we responded, he sat in his alcohol induced stupor and said that he was going to kill us all.. How would you handle that kind of situation? We didn't have to draw weapons as he calmed down when we had 5 other officers coming through the door behind me.. We have a narrower ladder of escalation of force that we have to abide by, along with 3 different sets of laws, up to and including federal statutes that we enforce.. Big time difference between the tv shows and reality.. TV is nothing more than fantasy and every crime is solved and filed away by the end of the hour, or the second show if the writers have extended the outcome of the situation during ratings week.. We live in reality, not fantasy and therefore, the crimes that we respond to are not solved within an hour long tv show, ours can run for days to years for final closure..

    That my friend is reality, not fantasy...
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    In the reality in this real world when it comes to martial arts training there are people who have the skills and abilities to protect themselves in combat and there are people who can train all their lives and still get beat down or killed. Everybody can't be a pro athlete, scientific inventor, doctor, or take punch. To put it in a comical perspective some of us are Goku and Vegeta and the others are just Krillen and Yamcha.
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    Not every case comes down like this. I was attacked by a skin head with a blade..he cut me twice in the hand..I damn near killed him. Guess what..NO CHARGES FILED! SAPD hit the scene and detained me and questioned me, found out that the individual had warrants and a .32 caliber in his back pocket. He and his cohort were members of a skinhead gang and were out making bones. The officer told me that if he would have put me on the ground that they would have put the boots to me. He also said this and i wont forget it.."Good job, no charges will be filed....the two individuals won't do a damn thing, they will be doing a hard stretch of time." As to these law suits....good people do not attack people for any reason...so while I agree that there are certain individuals who may file law suits I would think it is rare...Hoodlums don't file law suits..and hoodlums and people of low character attack people...hence why would a bad guy call the cops on himself or even set foot in a court of law?


    Depends on the circumstances....in my case not a damn thing happened..well except one guy damn near died ..and the same two guys are now doing 15 years in Huntsville.

    See above

    if there's no witnesses why not split..are you gonna call the cops on yourself?....do you think this obvious bad person is gonna rat himself out? I have never in all my 45 years on this rock met a good person who attacks people....

    sounds to me that you have your mind made up on everything..so why continue to ask the question. Go to a law library or better go to your local police department or ask a defense attorney these questions...bet you get some answers your not ready for. The cops aren't the enemy..and if you did nothing wrong then don't freak out....but hanging in nightclubs no matter how mousy you try to act there is to me beckoning trouble.

    Nothing good comes from hanging out till the wee hours

    " Flow drills, carenzas, triangular footwork won't matter when it comes down to someone really wanting to kill you... They would do it as fast as they can and there ain't nothing you or your training can do about it"
    ~ PHALANX~
    This contradicts everything you said in your previous post about FMA not working if your attacked. Which is it?
  7. I just want to share that I've been adding RBSD concepts (in particular Senshido's take on things) to my studies the past few years as to teach women and elderly... Sorry if i'm off topic...


    IMO I think its very valuable to add verbal abuse and how to deal with it without ego, and trying to defuse situations IF possible are important to add...

    What we study are:
    Pre-Contact (body language, environmental awareness, multiple attackers, weapons, who I am with either my babies, old grandmother etc)

    Contact (multiple attackers, weapon awareness, exit awareness, loved ones involved etc)

    and sometimes overlooked or even not thought of: Post-Contact (Includes: medical help, psychological help, and legal help)

    All the best!
  8. Want to add that we also discuss Ethical questions too that may play into our psychological health as well. Should we call medical help for the attackers if they are injured as well if we are safe? Or should we let them bleed to death? Police take care of it?

    Hard questions. everyones answer will be different. And our ethics will be different too. Sometimes self defense goes beyond the main action. Can scar people.

    Okay it's late and I'm typing this out on my iphone so my grammar is off. Peas!
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    I agree... But that won't mean I'll only stay at home on my Saturday nights...

    [/quote]" Flow drills, carenzas, triangular footwork won't matter when it comes down to someone really wanting to kill you... They would do it as fast as they can and there ain't nothing you or your training can do about it"
    ~ PHALANX~
    This contradicts everything you said in your previous post about FMA not working if your attacked. Which is it?[/quote]

    I already explained that statement... No need to nitpick everything I say like I'm sort of an idiot, even though my statements may be read in a different context by different people... Remember, what is typed does not always mean what the person really feels... You can't type out tones or even sarcasm on the internet... All it says are words... And no, I don't plan to think on how to write my opinions too carefully anytime soon... I'm not writing a thesis for college... I'm typing in an internet forum...

    I'm not an idiot like most may think, I'm far from it... Some may think that I'm just some wannabe badass cause of what I write on here... I don't think too much on how to write politically correct statements on the internet... I mean it's the internet... I'll follow the rules of the admin. but I won't shut my mouth...

    I may not be as experienced as some are on here... But I still have my own opinions... And they are MY opinions... People may not like them and some even PMed me some pretty harsh words... My opinions may change with more experience but I base my opinions on my experiences... My experiences may be jack s*** compared to others but we all have different POVs... And putting down people cause they seen more than others is not a sign of being respectful either... Or just casting off peoples opinions cause they think they based it on a TV show or movie...

    Not everyones experiences are the same and same goes with opinions... Some love FMA and some think FMA is useless... Depends on the individual...

    I have my own experiences, I have my own opinions... We all do... Not everthing is the same... Not yours, not mines, not theirs...

    Yes, I do train for self-defense and I hope to God I won't ever have to use it in a situation... I have never gotten into fights yet while training FMA... But I have come into some prior to it which is why I took FMA in the first place... And since it is my peoples art...
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    I am retired but I am still busy. I live in Thailand and work for tourist police and mountain rescue team and also have my own farm but I have always loved martial arts and still find time to train and it is mostly for enjoyment and exercise as I am 55 years old and way past competition age. One thing I find here is the best instructors, if you ask them what style they practice, will not know what to call it. They only say, "It is just fighting."
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    As it should be...

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