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    Just to make things clear, we posted this video on youtube on a channel of a friend who came with us "El Club de la Eskrima", as well as some more of them featuring well known masters and eskrima styles from CebĂș. From San Miguel to Nickelstick through Baraw Sugbo, in each one there's an interview with the master of the system and some moves... We do not belong to the WOTBAG Group, or any Balintawak group whatsoever, but we've been training with Nick Elizar during the our six weeks stay, as well as Eddie Velez, Drigo Maranga or Eduardo Ceniza. Our preferences go for close range styles as you can see, and we loved practicing with masters of this caliber.
    Actually our own style is called Arnis Koredas Obra Mano, which is very similar to Balintawak in many ways, in fact we suspect the defunct master and founder was an early practitioner back in the old days but still haven't found the link, just some suspicion and a small reference in an interview with an old man from Oslob, Balintawak practitiones himself.
    We're Spanish and been in eskrima for some 10 years now, and this year our intention is to go back and keep on training with these guys. From here we'd like to thank Nick, Norman, Eddie, Oliver Mag Uyon, Drigo Maranga and Eduardo Ceniza for their help and friendship.
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    Hey, I'd like to say "hello" to Bruno, and thank him for the great time he shared with me in Reus, back in 2008!

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    That's my man!!! Master Edwardo "Eddie" L. Velez!!!! Very impressive!!! More power to WOTBAG!!!!

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