Origin of Kris or Kalis

Discussion in 'General' started by baganing_balyan, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    Did you know what happened to galileo? after the vatican censored, banned, and prosecuted him, he never wrote a book full of wonderful ideas again until he died. what a loss!
  2. The Game

    The Game Pain

    Wouldn't it be nice if you would do the same?
    Don't you have dinner to cook or a floor to scrub?
  3. Bob Hubbard

    Bob Hubbard Darth Vindicatus Supporting Member

    Wait. I gotta ask, and I'm going to regret this, but, how did he write books after he died?

    Ok, back to eating popcorn for me.
  4. The Game

    The Game Pain

    Ghost writing dude! Ghost writing! LMFAO!
  5. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    not all filipinas are maids. and yes, i'm at work.-- a nice job actually that i could even post in this forum and do my blog.

    besides, you don't scrub a carpet and dinner is not cooked at two in the afternoon.
  6. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    writing is different from publishing.
  7. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    trollista pompous
  8. The Game

    The Game Pain

    Oh, you're Filipino? Well, more information comes from the black hole. What do you know, the laws of physics can be broken.
    I always scrub my carpet. Well I did until it wore out. Maybe I shoulda used the nylon and not wire brushed eh?

    Dude, you won't get anything meaningful out of this one. She's as slippery as an oil rasler in the 4th round, but not as meaningful.
  9. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    you cannot break the second law of thermodynamics.

    lies and falsehoods will ultimately come down.
  10. The Game

    The Game Pain

    I break them every day.

    But, whaat happened to your poetry, your wandering words, your other stuff I'm tiring of? Is this all we've been reduced to, 2 waring titans, slapping each other half heartedly? Show me that hot blooded barbarian that I saw so long ago, like an hour or 2.

    I now stop to spit water into the air as I do for no reason.
  11. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    Are you sure you're in L.A. and not Chicago?
  12. geezer

    geezer Member

    Well the facts are as follows:

    1. She is contradicting a lot of well established, although by no means definitive positions.
    2. She comes across as pretentious, sophomoric and self-important.
    3. She won't open up about who she is...and that, more than age, experience, or any other factor, is what casts doubt upon her assertions.

    I was arranging my bookshelf the other day and came across a dusty copy of the Tao of Jeet Kune Do. Bruce (another young person who annoyed a lot of people) had this to say, "Secretiveness can be a source of pride ...secretiveness plays the same role as boasting -- both are engaged in the creation of a disguise."

    Unlike the young lady posting here, Bruce was open and up-front about his ideas ...and he could back them up.

    Other than that, she has some interesting, if opinionated theories that are as valid as a lot of what I see posted. But until she comes clean about who she is, exactly what she studied, and so forth, I won't be wasting any more time with her posts or her blog.
  13. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    I have been mugged twice already in Bronx. why would i live in chicago?
  14. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    Don't worry. I will tell you about myself when the right time comes. I will reveal myself when I have said enough and when i can go back to being silent again, when I will just watch and wait what my teacher hoped for FMA to happen-- to get rid of the lies and falsehoods.
  15. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    Don't know nothing about Bronx, I live in Queens.
  16. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    Join Date: Feb 2006
    Location: Manila, Philippines
    Posts: 146

    sorry i have to ignore you now.
  17. Raul

    Raul Mananandata

    So your teacher was hoping to get rid of you. That's nice.
  18. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Admin. Note.

    Closed. Please use another forum to discuss where people live.

    -FMAT Admin
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