Origin of Kris or Kalis

Discussion in 'General' started by baganing_balyan, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. The Game

    The Game Pain

    It's been fun Kid, but I've got a few requests from the Real FMA people to shut up. I'll honor their request. You've pretty much proven you're nothing but a joke anyway.

    Have fun in the sandbox Kid, and careful you don't put your eye out.

    Edited to add:
    "can you ask your nephew where he got his balete sticks? Those are rare. I need some for my christmas gifts."
  2. lhommedieu

    lhommedieu Senior Member

    Any form? That's an unfortunate statement, and it's similar to other statements that you've made on this forum (and others) that make people impatient with you. It's starting to look like you'll say anything to get peoples' negative attention because you believe that any attention is better than no attention.

    Here's two:

    A San Miguel Eskrima "Circle/Cross" form (any variant).

    Pekiti Trisa Kali's Level One Espada y Daga Attack Set #12 (PTI curriculum).

    Can you supply the evidence to back up your statement? As per your previous statements on other threads re. the acceptibility of oral statements and written statements vs. images, I would like to see either (a) a sequence of pictures, or (b) a video clip.

    Please note that I will be happy to supply my own video clips of both forms mentioned above once you have supplied your own version of at least one of them (or any other form that you've "done, known, or trained").


  3. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    those are styles or schools?

    do i know stick fighting, sword fighting, knife fighting, wrestling/grappling, etc? Yes, we all have those in the philippines.
  4. The Game

    The Game Pain

    Interesting Kid.

    You said "name any form in FMA. I have done it. I know it. I trained for it."

    He did, but you don't know what they are?

    How very interesting indeed. Not so smart and expert after all.

    How about a video of you doing the first 3 Modern Arnis forms?
    How about some Kombatan?
  5. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    go out and find the truth yourself.

    A joke is a joke when it makes you laugh, but you are not laughing.

    Truth should not make you laugh but think.

    Some have the habit of getting angry first before thinking and realizing that there are apples out there that are not red and sweeter.
  6. oosh

    oosh Junior Member

    She's playing dumb and she isn't a kid.
  7. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    playing dumb is a fighting technique akin to a drunken's kung fu.

    Among the lumads, we call it taraw-- bait and attack.
  8. The Game

    The Game Pain

    Truth is Truth yet There are Many versions Of the Truth.
    What walks In shadow Always fears The light.
    A riddle Asked, and Left unanswered
    Shows the True nature Of the Beast

    The Joke is You, The Laughter is at You.
    I think, therefor I'm Sam.

    Angry? Angry? You wouldn't like me angry.
    As to Apples, make mine an IMac.
  9. The Game

    The Game Pain

    On the internet, we call it trolling, and we hates trolls.
    We thinks they be stinky, skanky, snarky and even smelly.
    Someone might need a little corto baston I think. Or maybe that's the problem, too much baston that was corto, and not enough that was largo?

    Oh, I kill me.
  10. oosh

    oosh Junior Member

    "Among the lumads, we call it taraw-- bait and attack."

    To quote someone else, and something you've read before - "I know an enganyo when I see one"
  11. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    Now that's cool.

    what walks in a shadow is a mugger who always fears the light from a cop.

    Asked and Riddled, the right answered.

    It shows the best nature of truth.

    The joke is You, whose first name is To.

    You's laughter is cheerful.

    I think, therefore I am not a spam.

    hungry? hungry? You would love to see me hungry.

    As to imac, make mine a big mac.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2008
  12. The Game

    The Game Pain

    You know, big macs go straight to the hips and make you slow.
    Though I'd now wondering if I'd like to see you on the beach, in the moon light, sticks sparking, wearing only the mist, with a little star light twinkling in the hair.
    Course, I'd have to see your ID to make sure you're legal in California first.
    And not a dude. No. Don't want to see no dudes neked in the moonlight, or in the daylight for that manner. barf barf you know what I saying here?
  13. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    don't worry, I just had a pap test. Now, are you a man enough to respect a woman's wish?

    leave me alone. say something about Kris or Kalis-- that's the topic.
  14. The Game

    The Game Pain

    No, the topic was "go look at my blog"

    Seems I hit a nerve here. Good.

    Here's more.

    Some interesting friends you made over there dearie.
    Loved this reply.
  15. lhommedieu

    lhommedieu Senior Member

    That's not an answer. If you can't keep up with the conversation, then maybe you should just let the adults talk. Come to think of it, maybe Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin should be required reading for you before you post again on the forum, Trollita.

    Best wishes for your continued martial arts success.

  16. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    read robbie's post:

    All of the problems we've had with posters in the past were always resolved before I had to resort to banning. Usually any flame war would just burn out by itself or would be resolved once I locked the thread. There was one time I was considering banning people, but the parties involved heeded a simple warning and apologized. All was well and good.
    As I mentioned in the forum rules thread, the overall guiding principle was whether a particular action or poster was hurting the FMA Forum community, and by extension, the FMA community as a whole.
    To be frank, ever since I took on a corporate job, I haven't had time to read through every new post on the FMA Forum. That's why I'm dependent on the moderators (I call them the Mod Squad smile.gif ) to be my eyes and ears. Miyako was, already given warnings my the mods. I also tried to be diplomatic by making certain posts like the Watermelon, Hamburger, Kali thread. I already believed that the signal-to-noise ratio of the forum was dropping because of her presence. I just wan't sure that banning was necessary.
    So I asked the Mod Squad to watch her posts and if she was going to tone down her troll-like demeanor. Now I studied under Sioc Glaraga and Yuli Romo, both why studied under Tatang Ilustrisimo. I know what an enganyo is. While she starts off topics somewhat normally, one can tell that the post was designed to ellicit a violent reaction. That is troll-like behavior.
    All of the other problematic posters we've had in the past only dealt with a single person or a single issue. Miyako was targeting the entire FMA Forum community. Why, we don't really know.
    The Mod Squad received numerous PMs requesting for Miyako to be banned. The Mods recommended her being banned. I agreed, so I banned her.
    To make thinks clear, even if the Mod Squad was unanimous in banning her, but I didn't agree with their assessment, I wouldn't have banned her. But I agreed that Miyako was damaging culture of the FMA Forum community and insulting the intelligence of its members.
    Banning Miyako is solely my responsibility. She maybe one of those people who prides herself in being a bitch. But these are my boards. On this forum, I AM GOD, and I will not suffer bitches here.

    Robbie Trinidad
    FMA Forum Administrator
    Quezon City, Philippines

    simply, the majority ruled. Will that stop me to take down the conventions, the lies, the distortions, the misconceptions?

    trust me. even if you'll take my laptop away, I would still continue telling the truth-- not for my ego but for those who stick and cling to false beliefs out of blind faith, unquestioning loyalty, and stubborn ignorance.

    Anything wrong needs to be corrected. Yes, the earth used to be flat. Galileo was persecuted and banned by the church.

    Guess what... after years of hypocrisy, silence, and ignorance, the vatican apologized to Galileo, at last.

    Am I galileo? nope. Am I telling the truth? that's my only weapon against those who want me silent.

    just facts please. Yes, robbie is right-- besides being a cyber GOD, he knows pretty well about engganyo-- not a bait necessarily but a challenge.

    now I challenge you to attack my ideas not myself. period.
  17. PeteNerd

    PeteNerd Member

    You're a true visionary, way ahead of your time... the world is not ready for this, so maybe you should wait a 100 yrs.

  18. Labantayo

    Labantayo Junior Member

    "Buddhistic Borobudur Temple of Sumatra "

    You need to fix your research. I was just at Borobudur, and its in Java, just outside Yogjakarta.
    Your article on the origins of Kris and Kalis are laughable.
    The goddess Kali had nothing to do with any of it. All you have done is connect letters within words and made up a nice story to make them relate.......You are from Mindinao, but yet don't know the real Kalis.....

    Maybe people will take you seriously if you would just let us know who you are.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2008
  19. baganing_balyan

    baganing_balyan New Member

    Now, we're talking. Thanks for the correction. It should have been central java. Don't worry I will correct it. See, I am not perfect and I am open to correction but not to abuse.

    mmmmmm I stand by my research. Now post yours and let's compare.

    wait for my next blog post on kali--
  20. The Game

    The Game Pain

    We know who Galilao was. He didn't write anonymously, hide behind false names, and skirt the issues. He stood by his name, which you won't tell us. So you're suspect.

    We can care less about your blog. You're one voice screaming "I am truth" but truth is in the eyes of the beholder, and in your truth I see nothing but bitterness, anger and a desire for attention.

    You have a blog. Congratulations. So do 40 million other people, and most of them are little more than "lookie me, I is special" crap Kid.

    Here's the facts mamm.
    - You Are contradicting the experiences, research and comments of countless FMA practitioners.
    - You refuse to present your credentials
    - You are Only here to create havok, promote your webblog, and push youor own agenda, to the detriment of this site.
    - Therefore You Are Not Taken Seriously, Nor Will You Be.
    - You Are A Troll.
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