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  1. The Boss

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    How many different Balintawak organizations are there?

  2. Epa

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    I don't know if all of these are formal organizations so I listed them as groups, but I'm pretty sure they are all tied in with the Balintawak lineage. (In no particular order)

    1. Bobby Taboada's Group

    2. Drigo Maranga's Group (Tres Personas, Combat Eskrima Maranga, probably other names too)

    3. John Villasin's Group

    4. Bobby Tabmina's Group

    5. Chito Velez's Group (couldn't find any website, but I think they're a pretty big one)

    6. Nick Elizar's Group

    7. Ted Buot's Group (couldn't find any website, but I know they're out there)

    8. Ising Atillo's Group (couldn't find any website, but I think they're on the west coast)

    9. Sergio Arcel's Group

    I was curious if anyone has heard of any students of Delphin Lopez that are still training because many of the early students of Anciong Bacon are still teaching or have students still teaching, but I haven't seen anyone trace their style back to him.

  3. PeteNerd

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  4. Datu Tim Hartman

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    I train with Manong Ted Buot in Michigan.

  5. pesilat

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    I don't train specifically in Balintawak but the system I train/teach draws many of its basics from GM Bobby Taboada's lineage of Balintawak. My instructor, Guru Ken Pannell, trained with GM Bobby when GM Bobby first moved to the States. The elements we teach are from the curriculum of that timeframe (from what I understand, GM Bobby has made some changes to the curriculum over the years - which is only to be expected as the system evolves). I've had the opportunity to train with GM Bobby on a couple of occasions and he is excellent.

  6. PeteNerd

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    What elements from balintawak do you use? Do you use the grouping method?

  7. JohnJ

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    I would like to offer Manong Sam Buot's link:

    I had the fortunate opportunity to train with him for nearly 6 months when I resided in Phoenix, AZ. He is a wonderful mentor and dear friend.

    John J
  8. Rich Parsons

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    I respect Manong Sam, and this is only a qustion for my education. Does Manong Sam have his own organization, or does he belong to a Villasin group or friends of GM B Taboada?


    Thank you
  9. JohnJ

    JohnJ Senior Member

    Hi Rich,

    Manong Sam does not refer to his training group as an organization. I do not believe he is part of any but thought only GM Bobby Taboada's World Balintawak is considered an organization? It is my understanding that Manong Sam's lineage is directly from the late GM Bacon and Atty. Villasin.

  10. Rich Parsons

    Rich Parsons Member

    I used the term Org in a broad sense meaning a group of people who all look to the same person for leadership and guidance and education.

    Thank you for you input :)
  11. Mono

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    Just wanted to add the NECOPA-Group / Style / Org. of Arnulfo L. Mongcal (Successor Tony Veek)

    Complete Information can be Found at:

  12. Soncen

    Soncen Teovel Balintawak

    ...also the group of Teofilo Vilbar Roma in Basak, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines, that bears the name Teovel Balintawak Self-defense Club
    since 1982.


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