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Discussion in 'Balintawak' started by grapplerskwest, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. grapplerskwest

    grapplerskwest New Member

    Since I'm not getting much of a response in the general forum I thought I'd try the individual forums that these sets pertain too...

    Due to lack of training opportunities where I live if I want to train FMA I'm gonna have to do so thru instructional dvd's. After looking around I found some a few DVD sets that look interesting and was hoping that someone who has seen any of these before might have opinions on their worth and quality as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Please keep in mind that I am interested in FMA for both its stick and blade work and would like to find instructionals that delve into both if possible... If not your reviews of these DVDs based on your experiences is still welcomed and appreciated.

    Balintawak Escrima with GM Atillo
  2. fangjian

    fangjian Jo Dong

    I have all of them. Unfortunately I have already been training Balintawak for some time, so I can't look at the dvd's from a beginner's perspective. I will say:

    -You HAVE to have a training partner if you attempt to do this. It could be a fun project to tackle with someone.
    -There is a good amount of material in them to keep you busy. They are worth the $. You should also try ebay etc. I got mine auctioned for cheap. ( hmmm. actually, maybe I'll sell mine :) )
    -( I think ) He goes at a reasonable pace for you to keep up
    -DO NOT skip a lesson until you think you have MASTERED the last. Like his '10 strikes'. Make sure you can perform them, 'just like him'

    -Find out when Master Atillo ( or any of his students ) are near you, so you can go to a seminar.

  3. grapplerskwest

    grapplerskwest New Member

    My wife would do it with me...

    And thanks for the reply!
  4. fangjian

    fangjian Jo Dong

    I see you are in GA.
    Florida, North Carolina, and Alabama all have Balintawak. Perhaps you can contact them.

    Bobby Taboada's people in NC
    and Bobby Tabimina's for FL and AL

    I have all volumes of that dvd set if you're interested. PM me if you like.
  5. jspeedy

    jspeedy Member

    I haven't seen the particular series you've mentioned so I can't comment on them specifically. But given my bias and experience, Bobby Taboada's Balintawak series explains things very well to me, also I like the applications demonstrated in the Dog Brothers Kali Tudo stuff. I'd be happy to talk about why these series are badass!

    If you're interested in FMA you should certainly find a training partner, or better yet proper instruction. If you have no experience with FMA, learning from videos alone will give you limited results. You may just be better off finding another art form that is available near you that offers qualified instruction. In all reality most people who learn martial arts never have to use it. In which case I think the art is less important as the people you train with make the difference. If you like what you train who cares what style it is? That being said there are still martial arts styles that I just don't get. If anyone ever asks me what martial art to train, I ask them what is available the their area that fits their schedule that they can afford. After what is available is narrowed down then you can start to worry about which style to train, I'm always willing to throw in my biased/unwanted two cents!

    Where specifically are you located? You may be able to find someone here who knows of a group training FMA near you. Just because there are no schools around doesn't mean there are no opportunities to learn FMA. In many cases FMA is a "garage art", small groups train in garages and back yards everywhere. I've met a few guys locally who have tracked me down on forums to check out the Balintawak style. I'd recommend hitting up all the martial arts forums you can find until someone knows someone who trains near you. If you need help let me know, i'll ask around on the other forums I visit.
  6. fangjian

    fangjian Jo Dong

    Hehe. That's funny. I thought the exact opposite. I have Bobby Taboada's dvd set and would never recommend them to a novice. It is good to have as a reference ONLY. He only goes over his grouping system for about 5 mins ( in volume 2) and doesn't 'teach' it. I DO recommend for those that already do Balintawak, but not for those that don't. Ising Atillo's ( I do not train his style btw ) dvd's are better suited for novices IMO.
  7. Cochise

    Cochise Member

    A few thoughts:

    1) I'd like to echo jspeedy's idea: keep looking around for people who train FMA in your area, something might pop up. After all, there is no doubt that quality instruction is the best way to learn any martial art.
    2) While you can certainly learn and practice the moves on the DVD set in question (it's a good instructional DVD set!), I am convinced that Balintawak needs to be experienced first hand from a good instructor in order to understand how it works.
    3) There is a ton of instructionals out there showing ideas, patterns, drills, sparring methods, etc. that, in my opinion, are easier to pick up from a DVD than Balintawak would be. It really depends on what exactly you are interested in and want to accomplish.
    4) Dog Brothers DVDs are mostly great. Lots of DVDs from the Inosanto lineage are great for a beginner too, I think. Rick Young's DVDs come to mind as well as Videos by Dan Inosanto himself and Ron Balicki. Lameco videos featuring PG Edgar Sulite are great for basics, too. And there is shedloads more out there.

    I hope you find a way to practise that suits you! Good luck in your FMA endeavour!
  8. jspeedy

    jspeedy Member

    Yeah you're right. I was mainly thinking of them from a content quality perspective. i was more hung up on my advice about finding a group to train with.
  9. Bahad Zubu-Florida

    Bahad Zubu-Florida New Member

    So I did a quick seach for fma’s in Georgia and got the following:


    Unfortunately, I was unable to find a Balintawak school.

    They all seem to be a little far from Savannah but may be worth the drive. Doing a check on youtube may give you a glimpse of the above arts/schools--something I didn't do.

    Also, if you find an fma school but cannot attend regularly (let’s say maybe only every other week or once a month), I suggest bringing a camcorder and asking the instructor if you can video either 2 weeks worth (or a months worth) of training—depending when you can come back. That way the instructor can just do some fine tuning or answer any questions you may have the next time you attend class—can’t do that with a dvd.

    Almost forgot, have you looked at the ‘Sticky Thread’ in the ‘General’ section of this site to see if there is someone or group that is close to train with? Maybe even add your name to the list.

    Hope this helps and happy hunting.

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  10. MacJ_007

    MacJ_007 Junior Member

    You can't learn Balintawak in a DVD in a beginners perspective IMHO. It defeats the purpose of the essense of Balintawak which is defense priority. How can you defend when most Balintawak DVDs are geared for attacks? Find a good instructor of Balintawak, then once you have enough understanding of Balintawak, then you can buy the DVDs mentioned. That way you will appreciate their teachings better.

    Check out Tabimina Balintawak SE for our branch in Huntsville, AL and Dustin, FL. Master Chad Tabimina is also in Florida, but he's been busy lately due to his work.
  11. Rich Parsons

    Rich Parsons Member

    I know of someone in the South Atlanta / Mason Area who has trained with Manong (GM) Ted Buot and myself. He is looking for someone to teach and work out with. If you are interested contact me and I will try and put you two in contact with each other.

  12. fangjian

    fangjian Jo Dong

    Actually his dvd set is pretty good for learning basic strikes and disarms, so I take back my comment.
  13. silat1

    silat1 Active Member

    The first set of balintawak dvds I looked at was from GM Bobby Taboada and I think they are top notch.. I have pretty much all of the different interpetitions of Balintawak that are on the market now and I whole heartedly endorse GM Bobby's series. But what can I say, The Balintawak system I learned from GM Rafael Reston is where I come from..
    In reviewing the different dvd sets that are out on the market, they are all good in their own perspective.
  14. LegendLoLo

    LegendLoLo New Member

    Learn it personally. Use the dvd as a reference.
    Or try to mimic the video as best as you can. Just so that when you really go to them, you have to work at it in smaller proportions.
  15. fangjian

    fangjian Jo Dong

    Yes. Before I met my Balintawak teacher, I studied all of the Balintawak videos I could find on youtube. When I started my training, my basic 1-12, and at random defense were already good from practicing. So he didn't have to teach me too much on the correct body mechanics and stuff. He just started feeding at random.
  16. free2flow

    free2flow New Member

    Video helped a lot, in my case/experience. If you're time with an instructor is limited, you want to do things that will maximize your training with him. In my case, I only see my main instructor average of 1-2 times a year, so I rely on video a lot to review the lessons in addition to constant conversation over the phone. It's not the normal way and obviously not as effective, but you got to adjust based on your situation. You're improvement will be longer, but then you can always practice more :).

    And yes, when I first started learning the basics, I used Bobby Taboada's video. The main reason being it's the only one available at that time. Fortunately now, you have more options.
  17. free2flow

    free2flow New Member

    After re-reading my post, just want to make it clear that the DVD/video really helped me. What I really meant is, now we have more resources available, including from other lineages.
  18. kevin hand

    kevin hand New Member

    is that destin florida? i live in crestview and am near to destin.
  19. free2flow

    free2flow New Member

    I have finished watching David Hatch's DVDs (Vol. 2 - 7) and I would say it's really full of very good information on Balintawak. IMHO, probably the most comprehensive I have seen available commercially.
  20. themodernfighter

    themodernfighter New Member

    Hi, I was planning on buying ALL DVDS from Atillo Balintawak Vol 1 to 9, and was wondering if they included empty hand fighting or not. Does anyone know please? If they only include stick fighting I will buy them.

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