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Discussion in 'Lameco' started by grapplerskwest, Apr 19, 2011.

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    Since I'm not getting much of a response in the general forum I thought I'd try the individual forums that these sets pertain too...

    Due to lack of training opportunities where I live if I want to train FMA I'm gonna have to do so thru instructional dvd's. After looking around I found some a few DVD sets that look interesting and was hoping that someone who has seen any of these before might have opinions on their worth and quality as well as their strengths and weaknesses. Please keep in mind that I am interested in FMA for both its stick and blade work and would like to find instructionals that delve into both if possible... If not your reviews of these DVDs based on your experiences is still welcomed and appreciated.



    RETIRADA New Member

    LAMECO ESKRIMA video set

    I highly recommend Essential Single Stick Skills 1 and 2 by the late PG Edgar Sulite of Lameco Eskrima.

    In my own opinion, they are an excellent foundation in stickfighting as long as you practice the drills with footwork, intention, training left and right sides. You may also use a sword or a knife in some or most of the drills (Kali 1-12 and Eskrima 1-12).

    Practice the striking patterns in the air and hitting a tire or bag.

    Excellent material too if you do not have access to a FMA instructor.


    Louie aka 'Retirada'
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    I have to second what Retirada said. Guro Felix' videos are OK too, but I happen to prefer those by guro Dave Gould, also available from budovideos. Matter of fact his solo baston DVD would be a good starting point, before lounching into PG Sulite's series also.

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