Only Real Martial Arts Stop Rapists by Chris Pizzo

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  1. Bob Hubbard

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    Only Real Martial Arts Stop Rapists
    By Chris Pizzo

    One of my favorite stories to tell is about the time my brother-in-law’s girlfriend got her black belt in karate…

    She had her big flashy test…kicked the bag…sparred other girls (and a couple of guys that looked like girls!) with the foam booties and gloves on…did her kata with the appropriate “snap” in her movements…very nice.

    Now, I’m not a complete jerk, so I let her have her moment. Congratulated her, hobnobbed with the karate “master”, and ate a piece of the sheet cake with little icing karate dudes on it….

    That was until a couple of months later at a family graduation party when she began to tell all the girls how the type of “karate” she studies is great for fitness (ok), fun (ok), and self defense (BZZZZZ!).

    I had stood what I could, but I couldn’t stands it no more…

    I walked right up into the middle of the gaggling girls, singled her out and flat out asked her, “Tell me the truth…If a 225 pound man attacked and tried to rape and kill you, can you 100%, honestly say that you would know what to do? Could you save your own life?”

    There was a deathly quiet pause as every single girl in the room visualized that horrible situation in their own minds. Then came the same answer I’ve heard from every single women martial artist I’ve ever met in my life who doesn’t train with us…

    “Ummm…I guess not.”

    Here in the United States there seems to be a government agency looking into just about every consumer industry in an effort to protect people from scammers, hucksters, and other assorted con men or corporate swindle.

    Unfortunately, for women who are looking for a martial arts style that will provide them with a way to defend themselves, there is no government agency licensing or even looking into instructors or the proven effectiveness of the claims.

    Therefore there is an over abundance of inexperienced, untrained, liars who claim they are teaching self-defense. These frauds will often teach a style that sounds and perhaps even looks good on the mat, but lacks any value in real combat.

    Moreover, dealing with criminal rapist scum is no time for a woman to find out that her “training” was really just cardio kickboxing in disguise… So share the following information with a woman you care for.
    Examining the profiles of rapists gives incite into a dangerous enemy.

    The Power-assertive rapist considers himself manly and is the one most likely to commit date rapes. This type makes up 44% of rapists and will try to con a victim and gain her trust, but will have no problem using whatever level of physical force he needs to take control.

    The Anger-retaliatory rapist hates women and will look to brutalize and punish them. He looks for targets of opportunity and will most likely beat you unconscious then commit rape. This animal makes up 33% of rapists and is easily enraged.

    Power-reassurance rapists account for 21% of rapes and often spies on or stalks his victims since he lacks the confidence to have a normal relationship with women. In his twisted fantasy, he sees himself and the victim as lovers, and will force her to wear lingerie and kiss her while seeing the attack as lovemaking. However, using violence is not out of the question if it comes down to making a woman give in to his demands.

    The Anger-excitation is the worst of the lot. A sexual sadist, this sick bastard only makes up 5% of all rapists. He has his attacks preplanned and victims can be women he knows or just spots haphazardly on the street. He derives sexual pleasure from inflicting pain and will tie up, gag and torture women for days on end. So vile is this creature that he will even film or photograph his victims so he can relive the attacks. He is the hardest to catch of the group because he usually kills his victims when he’s through.

    During an attack your mind will be racing and you won’t be thinking clearing about what kind of rapist you are dealing with and what approach to take, but what all experts agree on is that a “properly trained” woman who fights back early DOUBLES their chance of escape…AGAINST ANY SIZE OR STRENGTH ATTACKER.

    The Department of Justice reported that 93,934 women were forcibly raped in 2005 (They’re still calculating ’06)…These numbers are completely unacceptable as women can and should know how to defend themselves.

    In Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, safety is listed right after breathing and eating. Personal protection is too important to be left to the police alone, or to depend on others for help.

    Teaching and learning a martial art is ok as it has plenty of redeeming physical, cultural, social, & mental benefits. However, what people (especially women) need to understand, is that 99% of martial arts are NOT legitimate methods of self-defense.

    A former soldier, cancer survivor, mercenary, barroom bouncer, educator, and hand-to-hand combat instructor, Chris “Lt. X” Pizzo stormed onto the scene in 2002 with the release of his much anticipated “Accelerated Battlefield Combatives” hand-to-hand combat learning system. For more information on Chris “Lt. X” Pizzo and his incredible FREE Accelerated Battlefield Combatives close-combat learning system, visit

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  2. tellner

    tellner New Member

    I'm afraid most of this article is a crock, plain and simple

    I really don't have the stomach to go through the whole thing, but let's start with a couple important parts and go from there.

    First, there's the title. I'll let you in on a secret. It doesn't take "real martial arts" to stop a rapist. Nope. Not a bit. Nohow. We have close to thirty years of research. And my wife and I wrote a peer-reviewed review article on the subject a few years ago. What it takes, the only thing that is really essential, is earnest all-out resistance. Martial arts might give a woman an edge. But in study after study using a variety of methods and data sources it was all very consistent.

    Fighting Back Works.

    The earlier it happens, the better the results. Struggling, slapping, and token resistance don't work. Really fighting back does. And you don't need years of martial arts training or special techniques to do that. Oh, they'll help. But they are not essential. And they are icing on the cake of total commitment to stopping the crime. Add in yelling, swearing and running as soon as there's a real chance of escaping (and you have somewhere safer to escape to) and it gets even better.

    In fact, martial arts, even good martial arts, can be detrimental. Concentrating on picture perfect technique and performing tasks correctly can get in the way of that primal imperative to tear his head off and beat him to death with it. "Pure, calm Warrior No-Mind" is great if you can get it. But it takes years or decades. In the meanwhile you may be interfering with your greatest weapons, the instincts honed over millions of years of evolution.

    The whole typology of rapists is special sort of ******** that helps nobody. It bubbled up without any real research behind it in the seventies. It was perpetuated largely by people who weren't comfortable with the idea of self defense at all and fed on itself. It's just plain stupid and completely divorced from reality. Psychiatrists have these bastards all to themselves in prison for years. They are specialists in the inner workings of criminal minds. They have as many interviews as they want. They can't tell which special sort of rapist they are dealing with. And the author expects a hurt, frightened woman to make an impossible diagnosis while someone's trying to punch her out and stick his penis where it doesn't belong and then come up with a comprehensive psychology-based plan? And somehow "Good martial arts" is going to do the job?

    Get real.

    The only sort of rapist a woman should concern herself with is "dead rapist".

    I'm sorry, Bob. But you dropped the ball on this one. That article does not belong in a magazine as reputable as yours.
  3. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Yup. I've always said that the intense aggressiveness of a drunken barroom brawler, or the successful experience of a lifelong mugger, will beat martial arts more often than not. If you can't go from zero to 110% in a second or less, the advantage often lies with the person more dedicated, more experienced, more committed...even if that person is committed to committing a crime.

    How often do most martial artists get punched, hard, by a training partner? And keep going? But a criminal may have that happen all the time by resisting victims, and has learned what he can handle and how to dish out damage that overcomes his victim's will to fight.

    Never hit soft is what I tell people.
  4. Bob Hubbard

    Bob Hubbard Darth Vindicatus Supporting Member

    See, this is why I stopped training and started watching RoadHouse religiously. That whole "A serious drunk can beat a trained martial artist" stuff.

    Seriously though, I tend to agree with some of the article.
    - Most of what is taught as martial arts is crap.
    - Cardio Kickboxing, Tae Bo and YMCA Tai Chi won't help your ass against some 250lb animal.
    - Some 95 lb girl flailing blindly against the 250lb guy is only going to get hurt and possibly even excite him more.

    In my opinion, the real key here is a properly trained martial artist rather and the twice a week for 40 minute martial hobbiest that dominates the scene.

    I've been on the floor enough to know that a lot of the girls that walk in the door aren't looking to learn how to really fight, or they buy into the 6 hour rape prevention crap classes that are out there. I've had to tell these delicate little flowers that no, they weren't hurting me and to please put some effort into the wrist hit me harder...and had one almost in tears because she didn't want to 'hurt me".

    Now, here's the $1,000 question. We have a number of serious players in the FMA here....most of whom consider their FMA flavor to be th "real deal".

    If I were a 95 lb woman, training in your art, twice a week, 40 minutes each day, going at patty-cake long before I could handle a serious drunk or rapist?

    "You'll have to put in more time and get serious" might be a reply.

    If I do Oldies Tai Chi....when will I learn to kick ass? Ah, never asshopper, never.

    Serious training is needed. Not just wimpy flailing.
    My GF and I, train seriously. Most folks who've seen us go at it have been surprised nether of us broke anything yet.

    The author of this article might be considered by many to be a nutter, but he does have a few valid points.

    Here it's that learning **** will get you hurt, or killed, and that to save your ass, you need to train the right stuff, hard and serious.

    Lets be even blunter...the average American is a fat, lazy wimp. Soft ad getting softer. They do their "feel good" cardio, if they spar at all i's to aim a the "safe" spots, and walk around in an artificial comfort zone, that is too often shattered.

    At this years Meet & Greet, one of the instructors (a cop) shared a story about how a trained cop, upon disarming a suspect, calmly handed him his gun back, as that is how they'd trained....only sheer luck saved the cop's life. I've been in schools that do that, that restrict target zones, that pull strikes to the point of being little more than love taps. How you train is often how you fight when instinct kicks in. Our natural killer instincts are too often suppressed, stunted, by years of repression. A lot f folks think that continuous padded sparring sucks, but it is good for one thing...letting yourself go full tilt and engage those instincts a bit, unlearning "civilization".

    After all, the drunk, the brawler, the street fighter, they don't restrict themselves.
  5. tellner

    tellner New Member

    Well, yes. If it's going to do you any good it helps if the techniques and training methods aren't actually counter-productive.

    But my main point remains. The guy is obviously selling himself rather than trying to actually shed light on the subject. He hasn't researched the the matter. He hasn't even bothered to talk to anyone involved in the field let alone step outside of the his bubble to meet people involved in the WSD movement. He makes the classic women's self defense = martial arts mistakes. And so on.

    The points you are making have some validity. But they don't have that much to do with the serious problems with this article. Are Americans and in fact people all over the developed world increasingly sedentary, out of shape and don't eat well? Of course. That's not completely germane to the argument. Are Tae Bo and molasses-speed Taiji useful for self defense? Only for a very peculiar value of "useful".

    To get some sort of self defense skills quickly it isn't a bad idea to go to a specialist in self defense. A short term SD program isn't like taking up martial arts. The training methods, goals, time-frame, technique, attitudes and so on are based on very different. I'd say that a good MA program can take you further, but it will take a lot longer to get there. During that time you may well be less able to fight effectively than you were just relying on past experience, instinct and the terrible power of being scared enough to start tearing off big bloody chunks with your teeth.

    Another thing you have to consider is what you mean by success. In a bout, a duel, sparring or a contest you win by defeating the other guy on points, submission, knockout or executing a perfect technique. In self defense you win by preventing yourself from being the victim of a crime or by reducing the harm to yourself sufficiently that you believe you did what you set out to do. In a match you lose by breaking free and running. If someone is trying to rape you that's a win. If you notice what is going on before the "interview" is over and give the bad guy the "I know what you're doing, so back the hell off" vibe you've stopped the crime before it started. And so on.

    Most martial arts is only tangentially useful for this sort of thing no matter how "real" it is.

    Let's talk about your hypothetical rapist or violent drunk.

    We know that if a woman doesn't do anything the odds of the rape being completed are a bit higher than 90%. If she tries screaming, begging, pleading, getting the attacker to "see her as a human being", peeing on herself, reasoning with him, etc. the odds go up. If she runs, yells (especially if it includes a lot of swearing) or physically fights back the odds of the attack being completed go down to something in the twenty to thirty percent range. Combining the basic strategies drops it even further.

    If she uses a knife or gun in defense the odds of the crime being completed are so low as to be statistically indistinguishable from zero. Seriously.

    The drunk? Honestly, people management skills are usually much more important than punching and elbowing. Most women already have those as well as de-escalation and non-confrontation skills from the cradle.

    Are FMA useful for self defense? Depends on the teacher. I've met a lot who could fight and teach you to fight. If nothing else their bad attitude rubs off on their students in a good way :) They're certainly useful for familiarizing you with weapons and their capabilities. If you've been swinging machetes and working with knives for a few years you won't freak when one is presented. "That's not a knife. That's a knife." And a lot of the empty hand technique taught is good efficient stuff.

    Is it enough to give you self defense skills in the short term? Quite possibly. If that's all you have, that's all you have. If it's good you've got an advantage you didn't before.
  6. Bob Hubbard

    Bob Hubbard Darth Vindicatus Supporting Member

    Of course he is. Most folks put free articles out there to do just that, establish the "Im an expert, contact me to save your ass" relationship. LOL!

    True. But most so called martial arts aren't. Most are simply exercise programs, and sports. Footballs great, but it doesn't teach me to thwart an attacker. Neither does point competitions or sport karate.

    I've seen several simple, "anyone can do it and learn the core basics in an afternoon" systems. Simple, effective, brutal and so easy even an uneducated peasant could get the jist of it in an afternoon. But cardio kickboxing is as effective for self defense as running on a treadmill. Might get you in shape, but doesn't teach you squat to defend with.

    But, it's not 'profitable' to teach in an afternoon. We must have curriculum, and minimum time in, and grading boards, and testing, and fees, and fees, and fees.

    Effective technique, that's easy to teach. Find a competent instructor, take 8 hours, and if he can't give you the basics in that time, find another instructor.

    Hell, knife fighting basics 101 - pointy end goes in other guy.

    The hard part is, getting past the "I don't want to hurt him" passiveness.

    As to carrying....most untrained folks who carry weapons, either hurt themselves or are simply providing a tool for their enemy to use against them...or a reason for that enemy to escalate. Weapons require practice to to use them with some effectiveness, and the argument that the thug will have more experience, familiarity and have actually used them in reality holds true. Fumbling for your pocket knife thats buried at the bottom of your purse is just as non-effective as fumbling for your mace thats right next to it, or the unloaded gun who's bullets are home in the dresser.
  7. tellner

    tellner New Member

    We're definitely in agreement on a lot of that. It's one reason why I liked teaching WSD in colleges. We showed up. The students showed up. We had a set amount of time to teach them the basics. We got the same (small) amount of money whether there were four or twenty four. So we got to optimize the curriculum to teach them the most we could in a limited time.

    It's also why we've ended up with the sort of teachers we hang around with. They teach in welding shops, garages and backyards. And it's not their day job. That gives them more freedom to teach the way they want to instead of figuring out how to get the biggest amount of money from the students.

    You're right about the only important part of the program. The one essential is getting the students to the point where they are willing and prepared to hurt someone. It's not "passiveness" that keeps people from doing that. It's a perfectly natural inhibition against hurting others. And for the most part that's a good thing. It just isn't appropriate for a rape or mugging. Once they're over that hump it's just a matter of making them more efficient and effective.

    There are ways to remove that inhibition without turning the students into bad people or damaging them. An exercise class isn't going to teach them. Your average martial arts school isn't going to either. If you look at, say, MT to choose a not completely random example ;) you'll find a lot of people who are very uncomfortable with the idea of physical violence, rage, and hurting anyone much less using deadly force. In a way, martial arts are a way for many of them to avoid that issue. They're in a group wearing white pajamas or Speedos. They take on the mantle of The Ancient Invincible Warriors. So they've dealt with violence and can stay in their comfort zone.

    You get a lot of "martial arts isn't about fighting" and "the best fight is not to fight" or "I can scare him or cause him enough pain so he'll go away" or "I am aware of my surroundings, so bad things won't happen" or "Of course I can do it. I study what the samurai / ninja / sulsa / juramentados did. So I'm just like them". A lot of it is delusion.
  8. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    Experience is a great can't under-rate it. Training can help prepare you for things that don't happen often but actual experience can't be beat on a day-to-day basis. Those who keep fighting are also apt to be the ones most suited to fighting, too.
  9. Guro Marc

    Guro Marc New Member

    FMA skills do pay off in real combat situations.Mano-Mano and Dumog are needed. If practice as hard as you really should, it pays off quickly when you have drunk of high on drungs indiviual that is trying to hurt you. It goes back to basics. I have had to fight it out scene as Firefighter EMT to keep from being injured drunks and crazys. It worked best when it is two of you on one. Use of elbows and knees are great when mixed with locks if you have fight it out after the cops left in a flea bag hotel room, elevator or back of an abulance. The key is- be humble, train hard, fight dirty, just my thoughts from life.
  10. Bob Hubbard

    Bob Hubbard Darth Vindicatus Supporting Member

    Right, and those who keep actively training, every day, seriously, will be the martial artists who will have the attributes needed to deal with the random drunk or hormonally challenged. I'll put my money on the serious martial artist over the serious drunk. Of course, the serious martial artist is on the mat daily, and for more than 20 minutes. Most people lack that dedication to excellence...which is why it takes 5+ years in most systems to get that bit of black fabric to cover their guts. Someone serious could put most systems "5 year plan" away in 6 months....if they trained full time every day. There's a comment about Wing Chun for example, that it was designed to be mastered by a part time small bodied female peasant in 5 years. Have her put in 6 8 hr days a week for 6 months though....with focus. Won't take to long. Hell, it doesn't take boxers, wrestlers and cage fighters 5 years to prep for a fight.

    The FMA has some brutal stuff in it. But seriously, strip away all the stuff designed to handle the experts, and what do you really need to take out Joe-Thug? Forehand, Backhand, Poke, headshot. Boxing is jab-punch-roundhouse-uppercut. No spinning 2 tow twinkle backhands with a bob and a weave.

    Joe Brawler doesn't work figure 8 or rompida or what not. He works "Sharp end goes in other guy" and "blunt fat end hits head" in between "Gimme another Beer".

    It's nuts to expect the martial-hobbiest to develop the attributes that will save their ass in these situations. They do need the experience to get past the sticking points and built in blocks. That's why it takes years for most folks.

    The thug, he's got it. He's been there, done that, did time etc.

    Which is why martial-hobby classes are a crime, and do get people killed.

    If you want to learn to defend, you have to get serious and stop playing patty cake.
  11. Bob Hubbard

    Bob Hubbard Darth Vindicatus Supporting Member

    Bullseye! :)

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