On live now with GM Rene Tongson

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    Grandmaster Rene Tongson of ABANIKO TRES PUNTAS and Modern Arnis. He is the founding Chairman of The Philippine Classical Arnis International- Abaniko Tres Puntas Sysytem. He is also a founding member of the Worldwide Family of Modern Arnis (WFMA), as well being the director of the International Modern Arnis Federation- Philippines (Imafp) with a rank Lakan 9 (9th degree black belt). Grandmaster Rene Tongson has dedicated over 47 years of his life to Arnis and its promotion.

    His other noteworthy martial arts accomplishments include but arent limited to: inductee to WHFSC HALL OF FAME 2006 - Grandmaster of the Year 2006, FMA Digest MAN of the YEAR 2006, inductee to the 1st Philippine Martial Arts HALL of FAME as International Grandmaster of the Year 2012 . He also travels worldwide as a veritable ambassador of Arnis conducting FMA Seminars with networks in USA, Australia, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Russia, India, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia & many parts of the Philippines. He has slo published 10 volumes Instructional Arnis DVDs.

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