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    List of LSAI Masters:
    Date of Conferment by Mang Ben Masters Chapters/ Organizations
    1945 Ceneres, Rafael "Raf" LSAI (pre WW II)
    1945 Leones, Poldo LSAI (pre WW II)
    1945 Pestano, Saturnino LSAI (pre WW II)
    1945 Ponce, Rodrigo LSAI (pre WW II)
    1945 Villas, Carlos LSAI (pre WW II)
    1959 † Mayuga, Agripino LSAI Headquarters
    1978 Sanchez, Vincent R. Kali Arnis International
    1984 Rodriguez, Proceso, Jr. LSAI Tipas, Taguig, MM Chapter
    1985 Alcotora, Leopoldo LSAI Makati, MM Chapter
    1985 Licanto, Herman A. "Herman" LSAI Las Piñas, MM Chapter
    1985 † Royo, Jesus, Sr. "Jess" LSAI Mandaluyong, MM Chapter
    1986 † Estacio, Rizalino "Lino"
    1986 Arroyo, Armando LSAI Malasiqui, Pangasinan Chapter
    1986 Basig, Nicolas LSAI Pasay, MM Chapter
    1987 Valenzuela, Romeo "Romy" Lightning Scientific Martial Arts and Physical Culture
    1988 Arroyo, Reynaldo LSAI Dinginan, Roxas City Chapter
    1988 De Leon, Romeo LSAI Cainta, Rizal Chapter
    1988 Ibardolasa, Rodolfo LSAI Malinao, Aklan Chapter
    1988 Luna, Atty. Luis LSAI Pasig, MM Chapter
    1988 Ondillo, Carlito A. LSAI Roxas City, Capiz Chapter
    1990 Santos, Romeo A. "Romy" Warrior Martial Art Corporation
    1994 Porter, Shaun "Shaun" LSAI UK Chapter
    1995 Valleno, Lemeo Romy "Romy" Valleno Arnis Club
    1997 † Ybañez, Elmer "Elmer" Lema Scientific Kali Arnis System
    1999 Villeno, Juanito "Boy" LEMA Alamid Arnis Club
    2000 Dominguez, Nathan Ben G. "Nates" LSAI UP Diliman Chapter: Sangkil Karasak
    2000 Jocano, Felipe, Jr. "Bot" LSAI UP Diliman Chapter: Sangkil Karasak
    2000 Ramirez, Ronald "Ronald" Iron Viking
    2001 Del Rosario, Manolo Luis C. "Nols" LSAI Mindanao Chapter: Mandirigmang Kaliradman Inc.
    2001 Escudero, Jon "Jon" Academia Tercia Cerrada Cadenilya y Espada y Daga
    2001 Mejia, Ericson "Sonny" Angkan ng Mandirigma
    2001 Ortinero, Alex "Alex" LSAI UP Diliman Chapter: Sangkil Karasak
    2001 Quiriones, Atty. Joey "Joey" LSAI UP Diliman Chapter: Sangkil Karasak
    - date to be verified - Paclibar, Jaime "Jimmy"
    - date to be verified - †Paclibar, Pio
    - date to be verified - Sotamiento, Nick "Nick" Lightning Scientific Arnis Combat Judo Variation System
    - date to be verified - Sumiller, Joey "Joey" LSAI [Individual Affiliation]

    * date to be verified - means they are recognized as Masters, but we request that the dates of their certification be entered into the records for official recordkeeping purposes

    ** for list of instructors and blackbelts visit

    *** if you are a blackbelt and not on the list, please contact so that we may update our records.

    Jon Escudero
    Secretary General
    LSAI© Alrights reserved
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    Thanks for the info bro, very informative.
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    Thanks to Master Jon Escudero for posting this list. Thanks also to all the Lightning and LESKAS brothers and sisters all around the world for your efforts.
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    Thanks, Jon. I'm glad that we've got you keeping things straight organizationally.
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    hello i am a former student of Maestro Romeo "mang romy" Valenzuela.. he use to teach me martial arts back in the 80's.. he is more than a teacher to me.. he was like a father figure to me when i was growing up as a teenager.. i want to see him again and learn from him again.. can any one tell me where to find him.. many thanks
  6. otec

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    to all that PMed and help me find mang romy many many thanks..specially, Shaun,christian, phil mar nadela, and urban devil/jason, manythanks..i was able to train with him again last sunday and it was great!!.. again to all many thanks
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    Very informative. Check out Manolo Del Rosario. He's teacher very cool guy and very hands on in teaching us.

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