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  1. silat1

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    I will be off island for approximately 8 days starting the 19th of January going to the Philippines.. I have made contact with Master Jerry Evangelista to see about training.. It is something that I have been wanting to do since I got back to the island.. It has been a long time coming as I wanted to get additional training in Dekiti Tirsia since training with GT Jerson " Nene" Tortal sr. in Chicago back in 06.

    Will be taking a computer and video camera with me, so I hopefully will be able to get some good footage.. Will keep all updated as things progress..
  2. Navadisha

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    Lucky !@#$$:mouth_wat
  3. silat1

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    After much discussion with my wife and family, one reason I am going to the Philippines this time is to set the prospect of having a training camp set up at the old clark airbase area for people who want to travel and get training away from Manila.. The Clark airbase area is a duty free port now and recently started having international flights coming in at the airport now.. Plus it is a good place to unwind as the air is cleaner, you can take a hike up to Mount Pinatubo where there is a resort now.. One of the biggest malls in the Philippines is right inside the front gate of the former base now.. It has several 5 star hotels and casinos there for those who like to unwind and take their chances with the gambling tables..

    This is something that has been on the back burner over the last few years and I have talked to some of the guys who I met in the states when I first started thinking about this project.. Pampanga is one of the most historical places of the Philippine provinces as the Macebebe warriors came from the area.. Plus since I have a house there now, I can probably put up small groups there to save them on hotel fees... My wife and I bought this house in 05 with the prospects of it being our retirement home when we both decided to pull the plug from the working world..

    I will take my time and enjoy myself, reestablish ties with some of the remaining instructors who were there when I was training there back last century and hopefully get them on board with this project..

    So Navadisha, I am a lucky bastid because I can retire in 5 yrs and watch the world revolve as I am sitting on my porch, sipping my buko juice and enjoying life..
  4. Twist

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    Really? Angeles City for a training camp with wife and family? ;)
  5. Navadisha

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    Like I said, "lucky @@$$":cry::ninja::wavey:
  6. You make your own luck I believe.

    Best of luck Bill with the new venture!

    The Philippines (and FMA) need more of these kind of places. Particularly in Luzon and the accommodation thrown in will be a big help to visiting students.
  7. silat1

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    I've been going and living in the angeles city area since the early 1970s.. The distractions are there if you are inclined to head that way.. There is more to the Pampanga region than the Balibago area.. Clark and Pampanga has a lot of history along with sites that don't require you to head down to the bar area..

    The Central Luzon area is a good jump off spot to get to the northern mountainous region, visit baguio, banue rice terraces and other areas of historical importance of Filipino culture.. It is away from the hustle and bustle, smog ridden areas of Manila and the farther away you get from the metropolitian areas, the more you can see the beauty of the country and culture..

    So,there are a heck of a lot more to do in Angeles than frequent the bar district..
  8. R. Mike Snow

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    Have a great time Brother Bill!
  9. Carol

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    Wow, sounds like an amazing trip. Looking forward to hearing more!
  10. Brian R. VanCise

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    Awesome, enjoy and have a great time! [​IMG]
  11. silat1

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    Quick Update on the Philippines trip..

    Spent the day looking for blades and rattan, so far haven't found anything worth having.. I will be going on the fantastic voyage tomorrow with my driver and heading out of the area.. I know a couple of places in the far reaches of Pampanga where I am going to find a panday and see if he has blades available.. Manila trip scheduled for saturday with driver, so will be seeing some of the sites in the area also.. Might just make it a weekend trip so I can hit the luneta park and stroll through the training there..
  12. greg808

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    Best of luck Bill. Hope to see you again one day.
  13. arnisador

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    Post pictures!
  14. silat1

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    quick update from day 3 of the Philippine adventure.. Picked up some rattan and cut to size (chosen by yours truly) today and these things are so green, the sap is still running from them.. They are being air dried currently after being straightened out and cleaned up.. Some good sizes with a variation of diameter from 1.25 inch to 1.5 inch.. I like ball bats when it comes to my personal choice of stick.. I am heading to manila saturday for some hunting and might make a weekend of it.. I have a couple of leads on old and antique moro weaponry from one of our supporters here, so all I am going to do is go hunting and see what I can find.. The elusive guninting is still evading me.. but the hunt continues..
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  15. Glad to hear things are progressing o.k Bill!

    Pre-cut rattan is really hard to find these days, especially in Luzon. You might try Quiapo though if you need some more.

    Here is the Ginunting style I was telling you about at Pagisinan:


    They come with Kamagong scabbards / hilts. The Ginunting is one of the best swords they do at that forge as they all seem to be a bit bulky (The Panday seems to have limited experience in using the weapons). They make Barongs there too.


    Good luck also on your trip to Manila on Saturday. Hopefully the traffic won't be too bad for you.

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  16. Shaun

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    Hey Bill & Simon

    Have a good stay generally Bill.Contact some of the Lightning guys at U.P.Diliman if you get a chance.

    Simon,lol,Manila traffic not bad.Hope all is well.

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