NYC Knife Self-Defense Case (Jan. 2008).

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    I made a brief post about this here after seeing it on MT. Tonight I read the actual story (yes, I had bought that day's NY Times and set it aside in my newspaper pile because work was such a crunch at the time):

    Robbery of Transit Worker Turns Into Knife Fight, Killing One

    I'm wondering if the "folding knife with a curved blade" was a folding kerambit?

    His first serious self-defense altercation:
    Killing in Harlem Confrontation Was the Second for a Transit Worker

    Another story makes it sound as if the attacker in that case was not in fact killed (ah yes, correction here):
    Transit Worker Fought Back Before, Wounding a Man

    The martial art style's home page is here. It derives from the styles of Florendo Visitation and Moses Powell.

    An essay inspired by the incident that discusses the ways in which NYC residents prepare for self-defense:
    When Crime Was Always on Our Minds
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    Sick of it all.

    This may be a tad off topic, but this blurb jumped out at me from the first article:

    I am so sick of hearing this line of defense. Just because you hang out with criminals does not mean that you have to participate in criminal acts.

    When my wife was a teenager and was suffering from severe depression, she hung out with the skinheads who lived down the street from her (something she's not proud of, BTW) because they were the only people who would take her in as a friend. She did not, however, involve herself in the more seedy activities that her friends participated in.
    Wow! She hung out with the the wrong people and didn't involve herself in criminal activity! Imagine that.
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    wrong place, wrong time

    i once got arrested downtown. i was rollerblading and saw a group of kids jumping on handrails (at a cta train stop) with their skates and sliding down. i knew a couple of them from the lakefront and stopped to watch. A narc sees the kids and decides to arrest everyone wearing skates including me. Keep in mind that these kids (7, mostly white and well to do rich kids) were around 16-22 years old, while i was a definite "outsider" being asian, 30-something, and a fat fart. This sucked cuz the putz that arrested me made me and the kids kneel on the sidewalk while he handcuffed us in pairs; i dont even know if that was legal. He called a paddy wagon and they piled us in. Well the jerk driving the wagon decides to play stop n go all the way to the police station, bouncing us all around. My legal fees exceeded $500 to plead not guilty. On top of that, the judge looks me dead in the eye, and says, "you're lucky you have a lawyer because the assistant DA is choosing to drop the charges." He then points at me and bellows, "i know that you are guilty, you did something wrong or else you wouldnt be here. idiots like you are ruining society with your rebellious behavior and i should... blah, blah, blah."

    I was quite enraged because for a long time i had no idea what the judge was claiming that i did wrong. It must be that i was in the Wrong place at the wrong time. Simply i was wrong to have had bad timing...
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    Speaking of injustices: Did anyone follow this headline?


    Drowning Suspects Turn Themselves In - Suspects Head To Police Headquarters After Talking Exclusively To CBS 2

    Police: Fisherman's Drowning Death No Accident

    The man who drowned, Du Doan, was the father of one of my very good friends. Haley's trial was held this morning. For 1st degree murder, he received house arrest, which basically means he is free to do whatever he wants and go about his daily business as if nothing happened, so long as he doesnt go outside his designated zone. I guess he has one of those ankle bracelet thingys. Point is: he drowned an old man, and lady justice says go to your room.

    One of my friends who went to the trial claims that Haley not only looked straight upon Doan's widow, but also did so with zero remorse...
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    yeah - i guess it is one thing to be young and dumb, make mistakes, be in the wrong place at the wrong time and hang out with the "wrong crowd" -- i know i have done all those things. i also was smart (lucky?) enough to walk away when things started to get ugly....
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    Yes , I know the law says guilty by association, that is why convicted felons are not allowed to socialize with each other, when they do they become a criminal organization.
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    Attack Victim Charged in Death of a Bystander

  8. arnisador

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    Attack Victim’s Role in Killing Is Challenged


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