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Discussion in 'Modern Arnis' started by Pitboss 306, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Pitboss 306

    Pitboss 306 New Member

    Howdy, I'm pretty new around here, and was wondering... does anybody here train at all with Datu Kelly Worden? Or attend Water and Steel?

    I've been doing NSI for a couple years now, and it was almost a year before I found out I was actually training in an FMA! I thought it was all a mesh of kali infused JKD...

    I believe he has developed his own arnis curriculum called "NSI Modern Arnis" to differentiate his own methods a bit from the Prof Presas' traditional Modern Arnis style. I know for sure he has developed his own empty hand and baston anyos. He's a pretty "American" guy, with his own uhhh.. american way of teaching, I guess.

    Does anybody know if this is accurate, or is what Kelly teaches pretty close to the traditional Modern Arnis?
  2. arnisador

    arnisador Active Member

    I went to part of his recent three-day seminar here in Indiana, and I certainly recognized the Modern Arnis in what he was doing. But, I don't know much about his system!
  3. Brian R. VanCise

    Brian R. VanCise Senior Member Supporting Member

    When Bill Bednarick and Matt Lamphere log on next they can give you a better overview because they both train with Kelly Worden.
  4. Bill Bednarick

    Bill Bednarick Junior Member

    Howdy Pitboss!

    I'll do my best to answer your questions, but I'm not a Modern Arnis guy so technical comparison of Datu Worden's Modern Arnis Anyos and the Modern Arnis Anyos as taught by Professor Presas isn't going to happen.

    He teaches the Modern Arnis Anyos and some of his own that include material that he teaches that is not from Professor Presas.

    What I will ask is a question about what "traditional Modern Arnis", would it be.
    Is it when Professor started teaching in the States and Canada? Would it be when he was teaching in the Phillipines?
    If it's the post-Phillipines era, which era was it over here?

    From what I've heard from various people (not just Datu Worden) Professor changed his teachings over the years to keep what he was doing modern.

    So... if the definition of Traditional Modern Arnis is to follow Professor Presas's tradition of martial development. Then yes it's traditional.

    If by traditional you mean a clone of Modern Arnis from a particular era?
    Then no, it's not traditional.

    Clear as mud... isn't it?;)

    I've been to Water and Steel twice and have probably met/trained with people you know.
    I regard it as one of the best things I've done for my martial development.

    Other than that I've hosted him once at our school and been down to Columbus Ohio to train with him three times.

    The seminars are great but Water and Steel is complete saturation into NSI methodology and philosophy. I'd recommend going if you can.

    So what exactly would be NSI methodology?

    For me it's freedom.
    Freedom to use anything from any art and blend it into a cohesive and dynamic personal expression of martial intent.
    Freedom to question and examine things.
    Freedom to be who you are and not be expected to become a clone.
    Freedom to bring what you already have to the table and leave with it improved not replaced.
  5. Matt Lamphere

    Matt Lamphere New Member

    Hi Pitboss ...

    I completely echo everything that Bill has so eloquently outlined ... mud clear as it may be :)

    It is about freedom .. or rather ... spirit ... Natural Spirit, in point of fact. Datu Worden feels that in order to progress, develop, and improve both yourself and your art that you must be free to grow in your own unique way, and express your spirit.

    NSI is the umbrella that extends over several facets of his method, Renegade JKD, Modern Arnis, and Wortac ... among others.

    As to whether his Arnis Teaching Methods are the same as Professor's ... I would have to defer to someone with more experience than I to make that assessment. (is Dan McConnell on this board anywhere ... help me out here, Cuz -- if you are)

    I do however believe fervently that an art is a living, breathing, organism. If it is not nurtured and allowed to evolve then it will become a dead husk of itself. What is more FMA than absorbing what is useful and rejecting what is not.

    Again .. hence the "Modern" in Modern Arnis, at least as it has been explained to me from those who had the pleasure to train with Professor Presas. I was not fortunate enough to have that experience.

    I have been to Water & Steel twice and can say that it is a life changing experience. To operate at that level for several days, training with folks of amazing skill level is inspiring. It has become my yearly rejuvination. My martial "re-boot" if you will.

    GO. Just do it. You'll not regret the experience.

    Just out of curiosity ... you mentioned that you train NSI ... who are you working with currently ?

    I hope that this makes sense ... I tend to ramble ... :)

    Mabuhay ...

  6. Bill Bednarick

    Bill Bednarick Junior Member

    Hey Pitboss,

    Tell Jeff to watch out for rummies.;)

    He'll know what I mean.
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  7. Matt Lamphere

    Matt Lamphere New Member

    And ... that we owe him lots of Jack Daniels this year.

  8. robertlk808

    robertlk808 Member

    Hi Guys I trained with Datu in WA for approximately 10+ years

    The roots of NSI Arnis are founded in Modern Arnis but also with methods from years of personal research as well as other integrating what he learned from others like J. Cui Brocka, Dr. Brett Jacques, Jesse Glover, Ted Lucay Lucay and others which are probably listed within one of the many interviews / articles he has done, also if you check the homepage www.kellyworden.com youll find a new "On The Edge" edition.

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  9. robertlk808

    robertlk808 Member

    Hi Pitboss,
    I read your profile and you stated that you have been competing in Saber Fencing have you been able to integrate that with the FMA If so how has that been going? Ray Floro is another FMA player that also integrates Fencing footwork into his FMA.

  10. SAL

    SAL Junior Member

    Hey Guys
    Just a side note on the sabre fencing and FMA. After many years of FMA the sabre seemed a logical choice until it came time for competition. I was getting lots of first strikes in but had the points taken away because after striking I would re-chamber as in arnis. They wanted you to leave your blade out there to show intent and I couldn't do that, too many years with the stick I guess. So I switched to epee. Hit the other guy, don't get hit and stay on the strip. That I could live with. Fencing footwork in FMA is doable but limits body movement. I'm curious to how others are dealing with it.

  11. robertlk808

    robertlk808 Member

  12. Pitboss 306

    Pitboss 306 New Member


    I have trained with Datu three or four times at seminars, but my main instructor is Jeff Johnsgaard in Saskatoon. I'm also in the instructor certification program. We have about 8 people from Saskatoon attending Water and Steel in August. It should be a good time. I'm pretty much straightedge, so I miss out of Jeff's notorious Jack Daniels training regiment, but I still have a good time with them.

    I no longer fence at all, but the years of sabre work gave me a introduction to slashing and edged weapon work. It translates well into knife or rattan, in that you don't have to concentrate on 'how' you are swinging your baston, as keeping the 'edge' forward is instinct after sabre fencing. Footwork and distancing is pretty natural as well, although side-stepping takes a bit of getting used to.
  13. Bill Bednarick

    Bill Bednarick Junior Member


    See you at camp!

    And tell Jeff I said hi, and that I haven't forgotten that I owe him a bottle.
  14. Matt Lamphere

    Matt Lamphere New Member


    See you at camp, Pitboss.
  15. robertlk808

    robertlk808 Member

    Im not quite straightedge but I do love some of the bands!!

    (I) Don't smoke
    Don't drink
    Don't f****
    At least I can f****ing think
    I can't keep up,
    Can't keep up
    Can't keep up
    Out of step with the world

    Hopefully Ill make it out to a camp again soon, I still keep in touch with Datu.

    Oh no way is that a putdown on anyone who isn't straightedge, I just thought Pitboss might get a kick out of it
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  16. Pitboss 306

    Pitboss 306 New Member

    Yeah... Minor Threat rocks. I've been into hardcore for like 16 years. The straight edge thing is a relatively recent thing though. Like the last year. I'm not "nailed to the x" or anything...
  17. David F

    David F New Member

    I have never met Datu Worden, but Guro Roland Dantes has spent considerable time staying with him at his home when he has been in the USA. Guro Roland found Datu Worden teaches a very well rounded approach to combat which is continuing to be further developed. Im sure this is the reason he was involved in teaching military.
  18. David F

    David F New Member

    I have never met Datu Worden, but Guro Roland Dantes has spent considerable time staying with him at his home when he has been in the USA. Guro Roland found Datu Worden teaches a very well rounded approach to combat which is continuing to be further developed and teaches with skill. Im sure this is the reason he was involved in teaching military.
  19. robertlk808

    robertlk808 Member

    Hey guys maybe you can post a review of the camp when it is over.

    I hope to make it back to Washington get some more training with Datu.

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