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  1. Today's arnis, 7 Apr 2019: We started off by having the students walk us through the forms: baston Anyos Isa through Apat, and Kuntaw Xa and H4. (y) We reviewed the 3 striking methods (at, in, through), 3 blocking methods (dos manos, braced, unbraced), and 3 defensive measures (evade, block, disarm). Then we worked all the panantukan WMAA requirements up through middle ranks. Lastly, we worked through all the sinawalis up through black belt: single, advanced single, four corner, sinawali 10, single w/ tap, double sinawali, high six, reverse, X sinawali, single w/ twirl, super, double double, pera-peral, open double, sinawali 8, abaniko. Then we added on my spiral sinawali 6. After class, we shared stories about Professor and generally teaching and such.
  2. Today's arnis, 14 April 2019: We started off by working through the rest of the panantukan requirements in the curriculum, and then doing each of the disarms against all 12 angles of attack: lever, punyo rip, snake, cradle, thumb lock, crossada, punyo strip, hitchhiker, forearm strip, belly strip. Then we worked some daga material: daga shock, daga strip, daga drill #1, daga drill #2. Next time we'll need daga crossada and daga drill #3 and another path through the curriculum. [​IMG]
  3. Today's arnis, 28 April: Nice day today and some new folks turned out as well. We started off by teaching (reviewing for some) the first 7 moves of Baston Anyo Isa. From there it was single sinawali, both open and closed, and then with crossada motion inserted. Then, advanced single sinawali (3-count single) and 4 corners (like the high and low portions of cob-cob). After that, we taught redonda twirling with some insert options for those ready. Then we worked rompida strking style, first in the air, then after blocking and checking, taking care to chose targets and move. Then we worked it specifically for closing against an incoming #1 strike, first fading back while doing the upward strike (palm up rather than the normal palm out) to the wrist, then down to the upper forearm while shifting weight forward, then stepping in to jam them and finish. (Thanks to Master Roland for sharing that this weekend! - "sagasa" I think you called it?). From there, we worked the white belt kicks (front, round, side, back) and even had some folks break some plastic boards to get the focus right. Then we finished up by reviewing for those new at it Baston Anyo Isa.

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