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  1. Today's arnis 29 Oct 2017:
    Today's arnis in the park: for the curriculum walk-through, we finished up blue belt joint work (dumog) with standing center lock, both kinds of center lock, and single lock, and then we worked on the blue belt eskrima section with daga peel, single sinawali with ground tap, super sinawali, figure 8s (upwards and downwards) as striking styles, and snake disarm against all angles of attack. For the regular workshop portion, we did one last review of the balintawak groupings 1, 3, and 4, with some of us working on grouping 2 now too. We also worked several inserts where tapi-tapi fits in and vice versa. We discussed some of the differences even between balintawak flavors and implications as well. We did some work on clipping and how to apply it as well as soyup. Next week back to more modern arnis after the morning curriculum section.
  2. Today's arnis, 5 Nov 2017: Fun day in the rain. For the curriculum review, we finished up walking through the blue belt stick work with palis-palis and with basic starter drills for RvR tapi tapi (parts of what used to be called cane semi sparring): striking pattern, entries (2), butting (3), and exits (2). We started on green belt material with focus mitt additions to sinawali boxing drill and then backfist destruction. For the regular workshop portion, we did some basic concepts for grab releases up/down/in/out/R/L/cntr-clockwise/clockwise/twist/fulcrum (and tweaks and combinations) and how to turn those into locks with simple traps and correct angle management. Then we went on to some inserts for cane retention releases then worked on an old RvR drill from the '90's (#3, pakgang block and underhand sablig to #2, jam-block, trap-n-center, #7 poke, bump-down the centerlock while bringing tip up and twisting to block the #7, then feed your own #3 and repeat), including to a fast, alive-stick version, and and a moving non-imobilized portions when grabbed. Still much more cane retention to work, as well as more advanced tapi-tapi.
  3. Today's arnis, 19 Nov 2017: Started right into modern arnis purple belt review with empty-hand work: sinawali pad drill (turning 1st four moves of double sinawali into pad feeds and then cross-hook-cross) using 4 different variations (duck-and-weave on #4, shield on #4, backfist destruction on #1 then duck-and-weave on #4, then shield on #4 and hook-cross-hook . From there, we went to sinawali boxing with pad drills: crossada and double-feed. We also went over WMAA's Baston Anyo Isa, with two detail updates. For the regular workshop section we worked on a 10-count espada-y-daga contrada that Tuhon Guro Jack Latorre shared the prior weekend (thanks sir!), working it free-standing, mirrored 2 people against each other, and finally as a standalone series with the opponent blocking or dodging. The group really liked both these and the pad drills. Lastly, we went over dulo-dulo work with guntings (both closing and opening) and backfist destruction - four variations of each case, and also done with either hand and against either hand. Fun day in the semi-cold wind!
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