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  1. Today's arnis, 19 March 2017: As a "warm up," we reviewed the 4 LvR sequences from last week to catch up those who were out and then added one more slight variation. From there, I wanted to wake up the live hands (both left and right), so we worked block-check-counter (BCC) versus the first 4 angles of attack using right-hand feed, left-hand feed, and then two-hand feed. We did twice as many rounds of that on folks' left-hand-cane-hand than right so as to wake up the usually-lagging live right hand a bit more. This drill also works wonders to just get folks used to incoming attack angles, no matter what handed your opponeent is. From there, we worked it even more, emphasizing following up with multiple strikes via striking styles and combinations after the BCC. This helped subconsciously reinforce the check hand since it is more needed (monitor/manage/control) when working followup combinations. Lastly, to keep people off-balance from the unexpected we worked right-handed disarms against a left-handed attacker - just doing the normal disarm since that's what's programmed and adapting to make it work against a left-hand attack for a given incoming angle. Basics, but off-kilter basics. Good day.
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  2. Today's arnis, 26 Mar 2017: Lots of folks on the court today along with a couple new ones - good deal! (10-12 at the start; much more like it and lots of good energy today! We started with H-H and H-L single sinawali (with pokes if known), then sinawali boxing drill: offensive, defensive, and elbow shield, then the 8 basic strikes, then empty-hand single sinawali (with punches), then single sinawali with a few traps and locks (standing center, outside wrist, center, underhand-trap, etc). Then review 8 basic strikes. Then walk away and other grab releases as basics for understanding leverage and lock setups. Finally, we finished with 8 basic strikes again so they "stick."
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  3. Today's arnis, 2 Apr 2017: We warmed up with sinawalis, starting with 4 corners, then doing sinawali 10 (also single-stick version), then single sinawali with ground-tap, then single sinawali with ground-tap and hit-to-spin. Then we worked some details of standup dumog, including armbar and standing armbar (with footwork), then a bunch of different kinds of center lock: cross-grab straight to center lock, same-side grab to center lock, same-side to off-hand palm center lock (with elbow pressure), same-side to 2-finger center, cross-grap to thumb center lock, "high five" to horizontal (or flat) reverse center lock, "high five" to standing center lock, grab to standing center lock, and probably a whole host of other variations and extensions or flows. From there we went on to work the trading finger locks drill that Prof used to have us warm up with at camps sometimes, point then lock, then grab and lock, then grab and lock, etc, using fingers, thumbs, whatever. From there, we did some simple handshaking thumb locks, pinky locks, and others. A day of basic leverages and finding what works for you to understand the principles and optimizations possible whatever the opportunity. And again, more people now that there's better weather - 9 plus me today I think.
  4. Today's arnis, 9 Arnis 2017: We reviewed Baston Anyo Isa and Dalawa, with a brief discussion on use of the abaniko double-action versus the double-zero strike. From there we worked on the leverage disarm (standard #1) but applied it against standard strikes 1, 3, 5, 9, and 12. We also covered the punyo hook disarm (standard #10) and applied it against standard strikes 1, 3, 5, 9, 10, and 12 - I left off 8 for some reason, but of course it works there too. For these different angles, the disarm sometime is perfectly viable and sometimes it's a bit "reachy" but useful to look at anyway so as to better understand the leverages and adjustments necessary and/or possible when things aren't quite right. We then worked on the single lock basics from an arm-akimbo entry, then went to single lock from armbar, then single lock from the cane-retention entry. We then covered changing the punyo-hook disarm to a punyo-hook single lock to make that connection. I really enjoy re-looking at the basics and investigating connections and adaptations and linkages.

  5. Today's arnis, 23 Apr 2017: After a great training weekend in NC, I made it back in time to do arnis in the park with a new person showing up. We started with the cane anyos, the worked on details of the first half of Anyo Isa Empty Hand, then worked on applications for some of the sequences. After that we worked on 4 Corners Sinawali and Single Sinawali. Lots of material for the new person, and lots of good work on the basics and breadth of exploration for the others.

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