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    My name is Jeff Holmes and I reside in Irvine, CA. I recently stumbled upon this website. I studied Derobio for 2 years (90 & 91) with Chief Raf Viloria (sp?). He was located in Garden Grove, CA. I must say that he was an extraordinary instructor and the best instructor that I have had the pleasure of studying under. Before Derobio, I studied under Guro Inosanto and then Guro LucayLucay, so that’s saying a lot!. Studying under Chief was a completely different experience. Not only did he know his stuff, but he was able to conduct a class like I’ve never experienced before (of after), both physically and spiritually. After Grandmaster passed he became very disillusioned and stopped teaching for reasons only he would truly know. The group split up and everyone went in their own directions. I suppose, I’m writing to find out if anyone knows what became of Chief or if any of his past students frequent this forum and might remember me. I’m currently about to join a local Bahala Na group and of course this started me thinking about past styles & instructor’s. I have a picture of our class with Grandmaster taken at his home in Hawaii that I keep in my workout room (garage), which might seem odd after all these years, but this class had a huge impact on my life and I find it a source of focus. I’ll have to scan it and post it if possible. Anyway, nice meeting all of you

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    I remember Chief Raf and he was an awsome instructor and if you find him please let him know that he still has a friend in me. And we all mourn the great loss of both GGM and Batikan Pedoy.
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    I hope you share the pic! If you like, send it to me and I'll post it for you.
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    Welcome aboard! Looking forward to hearing more about your training and your experiences.
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    Welcome to the Forum ! Aloha & Mahalo !
    I spoke with RHC Chaz Siangco of PSE Combat Academy in National City, CA and the great-grandson of GGM Pedoy, he did say that Chief Viloria had retired years back.

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